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Deluxe Holiday Homes - Vacation Rentals, Furnished & Serviced Apartments & Villas for Short Term Daily and Monthly Let in Dubai

Short term holiday home rentals in Dubai Hills

Listings in Dubai Hills

Price Range
Monthly Range*
19 properties found
Starting from
AED 1,637/night
Captivating 2BR Apartment in Park Ridge Tower C
Starting from
AED 1,050/night
Premium 4BR Villa with Assistant Room in Maple 3
Starting from
AED 254/night
Chic 1BR Apartment at Collective 2.0 Tower A
Starting from
AED 1,578/night
Charming 4BR Villa with Assistant Room in Maple 2
Starting from
AED 363/night
Pristine 2BR Apartment in Socio Tower
Starting from
AED 254/night
Enchanting 1BR Apartment in Socio Tower
Starting from
AED 545/night
Charming 2BR Apartment in Socio Tower
Starting from
AED 364/night
Starting from
AED 200/night
Alluring Studio at Golf Promenade 3A

Short-Term Rentals in Dubai Hills

Embrace the epitome of luxury and tranquility at Dubai Hills, an exclusive address nestled amidst the bustling cityscape of Dubai. This vibrant community, adorned with lush greenery and world-class amenities, offers the perfect escape for those seeking a serene holiday retreat. Whether you're a couple seeking a romantic getaway or a family planning an unforgettable adventure, Dubai Hills presents a haven of relaxation and rejuvenation.

About Dubai Hills

Dubai Hills, an expansive master-planned community, seamlessly blends urban convenience with the tranquility of nature. Nestled amidst rolling hills and verdant landscapes, Dubai Hills offers an oasis of serenity within the heart of Dubai’s dynamic urban landscape. This exclusive enclave boasts many residential options, including luxurious villas, elegant apartments, and stylish townhouses catering to diverse lifestyles and preferences.


Dubai Hills enjoys a prime location in the heart of Dubai, offering easy access to the city’s vibrant attractions and business hubs. Situated just a short drive from Dubai Mall, the world’s largest shopping and entertainment destination, and Dubai International Airport, Dubai Hills provides the perfect base for exploring all Dubai offers.

Nearby Areas

Dubai Hills is conveniently located in close proximity to several popular Dubai neighborhoods, including:

  • Downtown Dubai: Home to the iconic Burj Khalifa, the Dubai Mall, and a vibrant array of restaurants, shops, and entertainment venues.
  • Dubai Marina: A waterfront district known for its luxurious yachts, upscale restaurants, and lively nightlife.
  • Jumeirah Lakes Towers: A business and residential hub renowned for its stunning lakeside views and modern architecture.

Sub-Communities in Dubai Hills

Dubai Hills comprises six distinct subcommunities, each offering its unique charm and character:

  • Hills Estate: A gated community of luxury villas surrounded by lush greenery and world-class amenities.
  • Park Heights: A collection of elegant apartments and townhouses offering breathtaking views of the Dubai skyline.
  • The Views: A serene community of villas and apartments nestled amidst tranquil parks and gardens.
  • Madina Walk: A vibrant neighborhood inspired by traditional Arabian architecture featuring a mix of residential and retail spaces.
  • The Westgate: A residential and commercial hub offering a mix of apartments, townhouses, and retail outlets.
  • Dubai Hills Boulevard: A commercial and retail boulevard lined with upscale shops, restaurants, and cafes.

Properties in Dubai Hills

Dubai Hills presents a diverse range of properties to suit every lifestyle and budget. Dubai Hills caters to a wide spectrum of preferences from spacious villas with private pools to stylish apartments with breathtaking views.

  • Villas: Indulge in the ultimate luxury with spacious villas offering ample living space, private gardens, and state-of-the-art amenities.
  • Apartments: Experience the convenience and comfort of modern apartments with stunning views of the city skyline and access to many communal amenities.
  • Townhouses: Embrace a blend of privacy and community living in stylish townhouses that combine the convenience of apartments with the spaciousness of villas.

Rent Price Trends of Properties in Dubai Hills

Dubai Hills offers a variety of short-term rental options for those seeking a luxurious holiday retreat. The minimum daily rent for each type of property is as follows:

  • Villas: Starting from AED 2,000 per night
  • Apartments: Starting from AED 350 per night
  • Townhouses: Starting from AED 1,500 per night

These rental rates may vary depending on the size, location, and amenities of the property, as well as the time of year and availability.

Lifestyle in Dubai Hills

Dubai Hills fosters an extravagant lifestyle with access to upscale supermarkets, opulent malls, eclectic dining options, and serene beaches, ensuring residents’ vibrant and fulfilling experiences.


Living in Dubai Hills means having a world of shopping at your fingertips! Forget driving long distances; the community boasts a variety of malls catering to every style and budget. So, whether you’re a fashionista seeking the latest trends or a family enjoying a fun day out, Dubai Hills has the perfect mall for you:

  • Dubai Hills Boulevard: This trendy boulevard is the heart of shopping in Dubai Hills. Imagine strolling down a palm-lined street, browsing high-end stores like Gucci and Chanel, or discovering hidden gems in smaller boutiques. Don’t forget to check out the art galleries and trendy cafes for a break from your shopping spree!
  • Smaller Shopping Gems: Scattered throughout the community are smaller shopping centers offering a more relaxed experience. Here, you can find everyday essentials like groceries, pharmacies, and local shops, all within easy reach of your home.
  • Family-Friendly: Dubai Hills also caters to families with kids. The malls often have play areas where your little ones can run free while you enjoy some peace and quiet. You can also find stores specializing in children’s clothing and toys, making shopping with kids a breeze.
  • Entertainment and More: Malls in Dubai Hills are more than just stores! They often feature movie theaters, bowling alleys, and even amusement parks. So, after you’ve shopped till you dropped, you can enjoy a fun-filled afternoon with the whole family.
  • Foodie Paradise: No mall experience is complete without a delicious meal. Dubai Hills malls offer a wide range of restaurants, from casual cafes to fancy fine-dining establishments. You can find cuisines from all over the world, guaranteeing there’s something to satisfy every craving.
  • Convenient Shopping Haven: Living in Dubai Hills means you’re never far away from a mall. This makes shopping convenient and stress-free. Forget spending hours stuck in traffic; you can pop in and out of the mall whenever you need something.
  • Luxury at its Finest: Dubai Hills is known for its luxurious lifestyle, and this extends to its malls. Expect high-end stores, impeccable service, and a glamorous atmosphere. So, if you’re looking for a truly special shopping experience, Dubai Hills is the place to be.

No matter your style or budget, Dubai Hills offers a mall experience that’s convenient, exciting, and filled with endless possibilities. So go ahead, explore the shops, discover your new favorite brands, and create unforgettable shopping memories in Dubai Hills!

F&B Outlets

Dubai Hills offers a global palate-pleasing journey from casual cafes to Michelin-starred restaurants.

  • Global Flavors: Indulge in authentic Italian pasta, savor exotic Thai spices, or enjoy Emirati cuisine under the stars. Dubai Hills brings the world’s flavors to your doorstep.
  • Casual Bites & Coffee Breaks: Rejuvenate with delicious bites and refreshing beverages at cafes and coffee shops. Craving a latte with a croissant or a salad with cold-pressed juice? Dubai Hills has it all.
  • Fine-Dining Extravaganzas: Celebrate a special occasion with live music at rooftop restaurants overlooking the city or intimate settings. Prepare to be swept away by exquisite dishes and impeccable service.
  • Hidden Gems & Local Delights: Discover hidden treasures offering authentic regional flavors. Experience the true taste of Dubai Hills beyond the well-known names.
  • Family-Friendly Dining: Relax with vibrant kids’ menus, play areas, and comfortable seating. Dubai Hills ensures a stress-free dining experience for parents and a fun-filled outing for the little ones.
  • Culinary Events & Festivals: Explore new flavors and learn from renowned chefs at exciting food markets and cooking classes throughout the year.
  • Delivery Options: Enjoy a night in with no cooking! Dubai Hills offers a wide range of restaurants delivering directly to your home. Pizza, pasta, salads, burgers – everything you crave at your fingertips.

Dubai Hills’ diverse culinary scene promises a delightful journey for every taste and mood. So grab your fork and explore the endless possibilities!

Nightlife in Dubai Hills

As night falls in Dubai Hills, a different side of the community emerges. Stylish bars and lounges come alive, pulsating nightclubs invite you to dance, and rooftop bars offer breathtaking views under the stars. From live music to shisha lounges, there’s a nightlife experience for everyone in Dubai Hills. Come and discover the vibrant energy after dark!

Amenities in Dubai Hills

Nestled amidst serene landscapes, Dubai Hills goes beyond a residential community, offering an exceptional lifestyle enriched with many amenities designed to cater to every resident’s needs and desires.

Fitness and Wellness

  • State-of-the-art gyms: Equipped with the latest cardio and weight training equipment, these gyms offer a comprehensive workout experience.
  • Outdoor fitness areas: Enjoy the invigorating Dubai weather while exercising in dedicated outdoor spaces, perfect for yoga, running, or circuit training.
  • Luxury spas: Indulge in rejuvenating treatments and unwind in calming spa environments, offering a sanctuary for relaxation and stress relief.
  • Health and wellness centers: Access expert guidance and personalized programs to achieve your fitness goals and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Sports and Recreation

  • Multi-purpose courts: Play your favorite sports on well-maintained courts, from tennis and basketball to volleyball and squash.
  • Cycling and jogging tracks: Explore the community on dedicated paths, ideal for a refreshing morning jog or a leisurely cycling adventure.
  • Swimming pools: Take a refreshing dip in sparkling pools, perfect for cooling off on a hot day or enjoying a relaxing swim.
  • Children’s play areas: Let your little ones explore and have fun in safe and engaging play areas equipped with age-appropriate equipment.


  • Nurseries and schools: Dubai Hills offers a selection of reputable nurseries and schools, providing quality education and care for children of all ages.
  • Family-oriented events and activities: Enjoy a calendar filled with events and activities tailored to families, promoting quality time and creating lasting memories.
  • Safe and secure environment: With a strong focus on security and well-being, Dubai Hills ensures a safe and peaceful environment for families to thrive.

Leisure Activities in Dubai Hills

Dubai Hills exudes leisure and entertainment with its sprawling parks, beautifully landscaped gardens, world-class cinemas, fitness centres, and rejuvenating spas and salons catering to varied interests.

  • Clubhouses: Dubai Hills offers spacious and modern clubhouses equipped with everything you need to host memorable community events, gatherings, and celebrations with family and friends.
  • Movie theaters: Dubai Hills offers state-of-the-art movie theaters showing the latest blockbusters. Immerse yourself in an unforgettable cinematic experience with cutting-edge technology and comfortable seating.
  • Art galleries: Immerse yourself in the world of art and discover local and international talents at captivating art galleries.
    • Mente Art Gallery: This gallery is located in Dubai Hills Mall and showcases a curated collection of contemporary paintings, sculptures, and mixed media work by local and international artists.
    • Urbanist Art Gallery: This gallery is located in Boxpark, Al Wasl Road, Dubai, and features a diverse range of artwork from emerging and established artists across the Middle East and North Africa. While not technically located within Dubai Hills, it is easily accessible from the community.
  • Parks and gardens: Dubai Hills boasts several stunning parks and gardens perfect for relaxation, family fun, and outdoor enjoyment. Here are some of the most notable ones:
    • Dubai Hills Park: This sprawling 1.8 million square meter park is the crown jewel of Dubai Hills. It features walking and cycling paths, landscaped gardens, children’s play areas, a splash park, a skate park, and even an amphitheater for community events.
    • Maple 3 Park: This smaller park offers a peaceful atmosphere with lush greenery, shaded walkways, a children’s play area, and fitness equipment. It’s a perfect spot for a quiet picnic or a morning jog.
    • Park Field & Lime Gardens: These residential buildings within Dubai Hills Estate feature beautifully landscaped gardens and green spaces accessible to residents. They offer a tranquil escape within the community.
    • Dubai Hills Boulevard: While not technically a park, Dubai Hills Boulevard features landscaped walkways lined with trees and flowers, providing a pleasant environment for strolling and enjoying the fresh air.
    • Pocket Parks: Scattered throughout the community are several smaller pocket parks, offering green spaces for residents to relax, read, or have a picnic.

Transportation and Parking Spaces

Efficient public transport options and well-connected road networks complemented by ample parking spaces ensure hassle-free commuting within and beyond Dubai Hills.


  • RTA buses: The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) operates bus routes within Dubai Hills, connecting residents to other parts of the city.
  • Taxis: Taxis are readily available throughout Dubai Hills and can be hailed on the street or booked through the RTA app.
  • Ridesharing apps: Uber, Careem, and other ride-hailing apps provide convenient and affordable transportation options within Dubai Hills and beyond.


  • On-street parking: Limited free on-street parking is available in some areas of Dubai Hills. However, finding a spot can be challenging, especially during peak hours.
  • Private parking: Most residential buildings in Dubai Hills provide allocated parking spaces for residents.
  • Public parking lots: Several paid public parking lots are available throughout the community, offering short-term and long-term options.
  • Multi-story car parks: Dubai Hills Mall features a multi-story car park with ample parking spaces for visitors and shoppers.

Why rent in Dubai Hills?

Dubai Hills offers an unrivaled living experience with its luxurious amenities, strategic location, seamless connectivity, and a lifestyle tailored for comfort and convenience.


1. What types of properties are available for rent in Dubai Hills?

Dubai Hills has everything From studios to villas: apartments for individuals and families, luxurious villas for privacy, and townhouses with the best of both worlds.

2. What are the transportation options in Dubai Hills?

Buses, taxis, rideshare, cycling paths, and a free shuttle bus within the community connect residents. Future metro and tram developments are also being planned.

3. Should I get a holiday home in Dubai Hills?

The luxurious and family-friendly environment of Dubai Hills provides a comfortable and secure setting. Residents can access a diverse range of properties, and excellent amenities and facilities enhance their lifestyle. Convenient transportation options make getting around the city easy. All of these things make it a perfect place for renting.

4. What are the important things to consider when renting a property in Dubai Hills?

When renting short-term, prioritize location, size, and key amenities. Set a budget and stick to it. Check the pet policy and parking availability. Finally, review the terms thoroughly.

5. Where can I find more information about Dubai Hills?

The official Dubai Hills website provides comprehensive information about the community, including available properties, amenities, and upcoming developments. Visiting Dubai Hills in person gives you a firsthand feel for the community and its atmosphere.

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