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Deluxe Holiday Homes - Vacation Rentals, Furnished & Serviced Apartments & Villas for Short Term Daily and Monthly Let in Dubai

Short term holiday home rentals in Al Barsha South

Listings in Al Barsha South

Price Range
Monthly Range*
21 properties found
Starting from
AED 140/night
Delightful Studio at Al Madar Siraj Tower 1
Starting from
AED 149/night
Charming Studio in Uniestaste Supreme Residence
Starting from
AED 152/night
Captivating Studio at Bella Rose
Starting from
AED 305/night
Starting from
AED 162/night
Charming Studio at Bella Rose
Starting from
AED 200/night
Elegant Studio at Al Madar Siraj Tower 1
Starting from
AED 191/night
Homely Studio at Sunrise Legend
Starting from
AED 170/night
Elegant 1BR at Montrose Residence B
Starting from
AED 220/night
Sleek 1BR at Montrose Residence A

Short-Term Rentals in Al Barsha South

Welcome to Al Barsha South, a vibrant neighborhood in Dubai that offers a wide range of short-term rental options. Al Barsha South in Dubai is a lively and diverse neighborhood with many short-term rental options for your perfect getaway. This comprehensive guide will go into the details of this district, providing you with all the information to help you find the perfect short-term rental in Al Barsha South.

About Al Barsha South

Al Barsha South is a thriving district in the heart of Dubai, offering a blend of urban living and leisure. Its modern infrastructure and location make it a top choice for both tourists and business travelers, promising a convenient and memorable stay in the city. It is a sought-after community when it comes to peaceful residential areas in Dubai.

Al Barsha South encompasses many subcommunities as well- Al Barsha South 1, Al Barsha South 2, and Al Barsha South 3. The area hosts many tourists coming to see beautiful spots like Dubai Miracle Garden and Butterfly Garden in Dubai. It is home to many commercial and residential properties on rent and sale as well.

Location of Al Barsha South

Nestled in the southern part of the Al Barsha district, Al Barsha South joins major roadways. Al Barsha South connects with Sheikh Zayed Road (E11) and (E311) Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road, making it accessible to the city.

Nearby Areas

Al Barsha South enjoys a prime location, surrounded by popular neighborhoods such as Dubai Marina, Palm Jumeirah, and Dubai Media City. This central position makes it an ideal hub for those seeking a convenient base to explore the city’s key attractions and amenities.

Sub-Communities in Al Barsha South

Al Barsha South comprises several unique sub-communities, each offering a distinctive living experience. Let’s delve into three of the most prominent sub-communities:

  • Al Barsha South 1 

If you want a quiet place to stay, this neighborhood is peaceful and calm. The streets have trees and a calm feeling, making it a great place to relax and recharge.

  • Al Barsha South 2

If you prefer city life with lively surroundings, Al Barsha South 2 provides the ideal setting for your short-term rental. This sub-community is buzzing with energy and offers a dynamic experience with a vibrant community spirit.

  • Al Barsha South 3

Al Barsha South 3 combines the best of both worlds, offering a balanced mix of residential tranquility and urban vibrancy. It’s a versatile choice for those who want to explore diverse aspects of Al Barsha South, with a harmonious blend of modernity and natural beauty.


Properties in Al Barsha South

Al Barsha South offers a diverse range of short-term rental properties to cater to various preferences. Here are some of the property types you can choose from:

  • Apartments

Whether you’re looking for a cozy studio or a spacious one-bedroom apartment, Al Barsha South has options to suit your needs. Al Barsha South apartments have modern amenities and stylish design for a comfortable stay.

  • Villas

For those seeking a more private and luxurious experience, villas in Al Barsha South offer ample space and modern amenities. These properties are great for travelers who want privacy, with some having private pools and gardens.

  • Serviced Hotel Apartments

Enjoy the comforts of a hotel with the flexibility of an apartment in Al Barsha South’s hotel apartment offerings. If you want a mix of hotel services and home-like convenience, this option is perfect. You’ll have housekeeping, room service, and more right at your fingertips.

  • Townhouses

Townhouses provide a unique living experience, perfect for families or larger groups. If you’re traveling with a group and want a cozy place, choose townhouses. They have many bedrooms and living spaces.

  • Commercial Spaces

If you’re on a business trip, Al Barsha South has commercial properties to meet your needs. These areas have modern facilities, perfect for conferences, meetings, and other business activities.

Rent Price Trends of Properties in Al Barsha South

The rental market in Al Barsha South is dynamic, and prices can vary based on property type and size. It’s essential to stay updated on the current trends to make an informed decision. As of now, here are approximate yearly rental rates:

  • Studio: AED 32,000
  • 1-Bedroom: AED 45,000
  • 2-Bedroom: AED 61,000
  • 3-Bedroom: AED 90,000

These prices may fluctuate seasonally, so it’s advisable to plan your stay accordingly.

Lifestyle in Al Barsha South

Al Barsha South offers an exciting lifestyle with a wide range of amenities and attractions:

Supermarkets: The neighborhood features well-stocked supermarkets, making grocery shopping a breeze.


Al Barsha South is home to various shopping malls, including My City Centre Al Barsha, Al Barsha Mall, Souq Extra, and more. Depending on traffic, you can reach popular malls in Dubai, such as Dubai Marina Mall, Ibn e Battuta Mall, and Mall of the Emirates, in about 20 minutes.

Cafes and Restaurants

Residents of Al Barsha South have a variety of delicious food options to choose from. Some popular choices include Popeyes, Bazerkan Lebanese Restaurant, Khaana Badosh, Paavo’s PIZZA, and Wendy’s.


Al Barsha South is close to Dubai’s lovely beaches, like JBR Beach, Marina Beach, and Jumeirah Beach. You can reach all of them in just 20 minutes.


Amenities in Al Barsha South

The area boasts essential amenities to ensure a comfortable stay:


Al Barsha South has great medical facilities that provide quality healthcare for residents.

  • Genesis Healthcare Centre: A comprehensive medical center offering a wide range of services, including general practice, pediatrics, dermatology, and gynecology.
  • Medcare Medical Centre, Al Barsha South: A state-of-the-art hospital providing high-quality medical care, including surgery, emergency care, and maternity services.
  • Aster Clinic Aswaaq Mall Al Barsha South: A convenient and affordable medical clinic offering a variety of services, including general practice, pediatrics, gynecology, and dental care.
  • Barsha South Aster: A well-established medical center providing a range of services, including general practice, pediatrics, dermatology, and dentistry.
  • Mediclinic Parkview Hospital: A multi-specialty hospital offering a wide range of services, including surgery, cardiology, and oncology.


The neighborhood has mosques for prayers and religious gatherings, perfect for those seeking spiritual fulfillment.

Leisure Activities in Al Barsha South

Enjoy your free time with a variety of leisure activities:

Parks and Gardens

Al Barsha South features well-maintained parks and gardens where you can unwind and enjoy the outdoors.

  • Dubai Butterfly Garden: The world’s largest garden featuring 15,000 butterfly species. The indoor park is open from April to October, seven days a week. It offers a unique and enchanting experience with colorful butterflies.
  • Dubai Miracle Garden: This famous destination showcases over 50 million flowers and 250 million plants. Dubai has a romantic spot with attractions like Emirates A380, Disney Avenue, Lost Paradise, and more. The spot also has Cabanas, a Butterfly Passage, a Floral Clock, Gazebos, and 3D Floral designs. It is the world’s largest natural flower garden, making it a perfect destination for nature lovers.

Historical Landmarks

Al Barsha South has a few historical landmarks. These include the Intersection of Dreams, Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood, and the Wall of Old Dubai. You can explore the city’s rich history and heritage there.


To stay healthy, fitness lovers can go to gyms in Al Barsha South. The popular choices are Fitness HQ, Gold’s Gym Al Barsha Mall, Fitness First Al Barsha, The Warehouse Gym, and Al Noon Sport.

Beauty (Spas, Salons)

You can easily find beauty salons in Al Barsha South. Some options include Grand Flora Salon – Al Barsha, Senses of Asia Wellness & Beauty – Ladies Only, and The Dollhouse Beauty Salon. You can choose from a variety of spas like Cocoon Nail Spa, Pine Spa, and Jazz Lounge Spa. There’s also Thai Professional Spa, Reflections Massage Centre, and Candy Touch Spa Massage Center Al Barsha.

Transportation and Parking Spaces

Al Barsha South is well-connected and offers convenient transportation options:

Public Transportation

Public transportation, including buses and metro stations, serves the neighborhood, providing easy access to other parts of Dubai.

Private Transportation

Al Barsha South offers well-maintained roads and ample parking spaces for those with private vehicles.

Why Rent in Al Barsha South?

Choosing Al Barsha South for your short-term rental offers several advantages:

  • Convenience: Its central location allows easy access to key attractions and business districts.
  • Amenities: Al Barsha South boasts many amenities, from shopping centers to healthcare facilities.
  • Lifestyle: Enjoy a vibrant lifestyle with plenty of leisure and entertainment options.


  • Where is Al Barsha South located?

Al Barsha South is situated in the southern part of the Al Barsha district in Dubai, with excellent connectivity to major roadways. The area connects with Sheikh Zayed Road (E11) and (E311) Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road, making it accessible to the city.

  • What types of properties are available in Al Barsha South?

In Al Barsha South, there are many options for short-term rentals. You can choose from apartments, hotel apartments, serviced apartments, and more. The rents of these properties vary depending on the type of property and the duration of your stay.

  • Is Al Barsha South a family-friendly neighborhood?

Al Barsha South is a family-friendly area with amenities and services suitable for families. The neighborhood includes parks, mosques, schools, gyms, and many other amenities that make it a perfect place for families.

  • Are there parks and recreational areas in Al Barsha South?

Yes, the neighborhood features parks and recreational areas for residents and visitors. There are two main recreational spots in Al Barsha South: Dubai Butterfly Garden and Dubai Miracle Garden.

If you are planning to stay in Dubai for a short time, Al Barsha South is a great option. The city is in a good spot, has many places to stay, and is lively. It's great for your visit. During your visit, you can explore the smaller communities, enjoy the facilities, and relax in the beautiful parks and gardens.

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