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Barsha Heights

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Luminous 2BR at Madison Residency

Short-Term Rentals in Barsha Heights

Are you looking for the perfect short-term rental in Dubai? Look no further than Barsha Heights! Dubai's bustling neighborhood has many options for short-term stays. You can find luxurious apartments, hotel apartments, and serviced apartments, for long-term and short-term rental in Barsha Heights. Discover the allure of Barsha Heights and why it's an ideal choice for your next vacation or business trip.

About Barsha Heights

Barsha Heights, once known as TECOM, is a busy place in Dubai. It’s in a great spot for business travelers, tourists, and for anyone looking for short-term rentals. Being close to Dubai Marina and the bustling Sheikh Zayed Road, it’s very accessible from Dubai International Airport. The area is known for its modern infrastructure and vibrant atmosphere making it a perfect choice for holiday homes.


Barsha Heights is conveniently located in the heart of Dubai. It’s adjacent to key areas like Dubai Marina, Jumeirah Beach, and Palm Jumeirah. Its central position ensures that you’re never too far from the major attractions and business districts in Dubai. Whether you’re in Dubai for business or leisure, Barsha Heights provides a central base for your short-term rental needs.

Nearby Areas

Barsha Heights is in close proximity to some of Dubai’s most popular areas. You can easily explore neighboring regions such as Dubai Marina, Jumeirah Beach Residence, and Internet City, each offering unique experiences. Whether you’re looking for beachfront activities, shopping, or dining, Barsha Heights has it all just a stone’s throw away.

Properties In Barsha Heights

Barsha Heights offers a diverse range of properties for short-term rentals. You can choose from a wide range of

  • modern apartments
  • hotel apartments with top-notch services
  • Furnished or unfurnished apartments

If you’re looking for apartments for rent on a long-term basis or even a holiday home in Dubai, Barsha Heights has all the options.

Rent Price Trends of Properties in Barsha Heights

The rental market in Barsha Heights is competitive and dynamic. Rental prices vary based on property type and size. To get the best deal, it’s essential to stay updated on the latest trends. Short-term apartments in Barsha Heights start at AED 300 per night. Stay updated on rental trends to make an informed choice.

Lifestyle in Barsha Heights

Barsha Heights is surrounded by popular locations and attractions. You can explore a variety of amenities that cater to different interests and preferences. Families and young professionals both like staying in the area because of the amenities and relaxed lifestyle that Barsha Heights offers.


Barsha Heights boasts a range of supermarkets, providing residents and visitors with easy access to daily essentials. Some of the most popular supermarkets in the area include:

  • Blue Mart Supermarket: This supermarket is a popular choice for residents of Barsha Heights due to its wide selection of products and competitive prices.
  • New Safestway Supermarket: This supermarket is known for its fresh produce and friendly staff.
  • Green Plus Supermarket: This supermarket is a great option for those who are looking for organic and healthy foods.

In addition to these supermarkets, there are also a number of smaller grocery stores and convenience stores located throughout Barsha Heights. This makes it easy for residents to find the groceries they need, no matter where they are in the community.


Explore nearby malls like Mall of the Emirates, known for Ski Dubai, and Dubai Marina Mall, with many shops and restaurants. Your short-term stay in Barsha Heights will not only be fun but also convenient with so many options so close to you.

Cafes, Restaurants

Barsha Heights is home to a diverse culinary scene that caters to every taste and budget. From casual eateries to upscale dining, there is something for everyone in this dynamic neighborhood.

Whether you’re craving a hearty American meal, authentic Middle Eastern flavors, or international cuisine, Barsha Heights has something to satisfy your appetite. And if you need a caffeine fix, there are plenty of cafes and coffee shops in Barsha Heights perfect for a relaxing break or a catch-up with friends.

With its wide variety of dining options, Barsha Heights is a foodie’s paradise. Even if you have a short-term stay in Barsha Heights, be sure to explore the neighborhood’s culinary gems and find a favorite spot.


Barsha Heights might not have a beachline but it is only a few minutes away from many popular beaches in the area. Jumeirah Beach and Dubai Marina Beach are a short drive away, making it convenient for beach lovers to enjoy the sun and sea.

Amenities in Barsha Heights

Barsha Heights stands out as an oasis of convenience and comfort for its residents. Designed with residents’ well-being in mind, Barsha Heights provides all amenities making it convenient for residents. From world-class shopping malls and supermarkets to serene parks and recreational facilities, Barsha Heights offers everything residents need for a fulfilling lifestyle.


Several hospitals and healthcare facilities are located in and around Barsha Heights, ensuring quick access to medical care.

  • Bin Haider Healthcare Center

Bin Haider offers a variety of services, including dermatology, plastic surgery, and hair restoration. The clinic is run by two doctors, Dr. Hessa Bin Haider and Dr. Hossein Abdali. Both doctors are experts in their fields and have many years of experience.

  • Aster Clinic

Aster Clinic is a multispecialty medical clinic that offers a variety of services, including general practice, dentistry, and home healthcare. The clinic also has a variety of specialists available, such as cardiologists, dermatologists, and ophthalmologists. The clinic is open seven days a week and has multiple locations in Dubai.

  • Hydro Medical Centre ( HMC)

This is a medical clinic that offers a variety of services, including general practice, dentistry, and women’s health. The clinic also has a variety of specialists available, such as pediatricians, gynecologists, and internists. The clinic is open seven days a week and has multiple locations in Dubai.

  • GMCClinics Tecom

This is a medical clinic that offers a variety of services, including general practice, dentistry, and home healthcare. The clinic also has a variety of specialists available, such as cardiologists, dermatologists, and ophthalmologists. The clinic is open seven days a week and has multiple locations in Dubai.

  • HealthHub Clinic and Pharmacy Barsha Heights

HealthHub is a medical center that offers a variety of services, including general practice, pediatrics, dermatology, and dentistry. They also have an attached pharmacy.


Barsha Heights provides easy access to mosques and prayer facilities for the convenience of its residents and visitors. Easily accessible mosques from this area include Hamel Al Ghaith Mosque, Osama Bin Zaid Mosque, and Fatemah Marzouq Al Rashdan Masjid.

Leisure Activities in Barsha Heights

When it comes to leisure activities, Barsha Heights has plenty to offer.

Parks and Gardens

Discover serene parks and gardens in the vicinity, where you can unwind and enjoy the outdoors. The most popular is the Barsha Heights walking area that tours the whole locality. You can walk around and enjoy the city life during your short-term stay in Barsha Heights.


During your stay at your beautiful holiday home in Barsha Heights, you can catch the latest movies at any of these nearby cinemas, providing entertainment for all ages.

  • VOX Cinemas Mall of the Emirates is a movie complex with 14 theaters including Vox Max giant screen and luxury suites with butler service.
  • Roxy Cinemas Outdoor at Galleria Al Barsha is an outdoor cinema located at Galleria Mall.
  • VOX Cinemas Private Cinemas – Kempinski Hotel at MOE is a private cinema located on the 3rd floor in Mall of the Emirates.
  • Theatre By Rhodes is a restaurant cinema located in MOE as well.


Stay fit and active with access to gyms, fitness centers, and recreational areas. Barsha Heights has many gyms and fitness centers in the area that you can visit during your short-term stay in Barsha Heights. You don’t have to neglect your health even when on holiday.

Beauty (Spas, Salons)

Pamper yourself at the many spas and salons in Barsha Heights, where you can enjoy a range of beauty and wellness treatments. Enjoy your mimosa while you’re being taken care of by the professionals at Mimosa Beauty Lounge. You can choose from many spa options in the area as well. You can even get home service from these salons at your vacation rental in Barsha Heights.

Transportation and Parking Spaces

Barsha Heights offers convenient transportation options, including nearby metro stations and bus routes. The district is well-connected, ensuring ease of movement for residents and visitors. Additionally, ample parking spaces are available throughout the area.

Public Transportation

The Dubai Metro and public buses serve Barsha Heights, making it easy to explore the city without needing a car.

Private Transportation

If you prefer private transportation, you’ll find well-maintained road networks and easy access to Sheikh Zayed Road.


Parking is hassle-free in Barsha Heights, with ample spaces for residents and guests.

Why Rent in Barsha Heights?

Choosing Barsha Heights for your short-term rental provides several advantages. The district offers a central location, a wide range of property options, and abundant amenities. Whether you’re in Dubai for business or leisure, Barsha Heights is a convenient and comfortable choice for your stay.

The area is also known as

Barsha Heights is also known as TECOM, reflecting its history as a technology and media-free zone.


  • Where is Barsha Heights located?

Barsha Heights is centrally located in Dubai, with easy access to key areas and attractions.

  • What types of properties are available in Barsha Heights?

Barsha Heights offers a variety of properties, including apartments, hotel apartments, and serviced apartments.

  • Is Barsha Heights a family-friendly neighborhood?

Yes, Barsha Heights has family-friendly sub-communities with amenities like parks and schools.

  • Are there parks and recreational areas in Barsha Heights?

Yes, Barsha Heights has parks and recreational areas to enjoy outdoor activities. Barsha Heights also offers an area for walking and running.

Barsha Heights is the perfect choice for your short-term rental needs in Dubai. Its central location, diverse property options, and numerous amenities make it an ideal destination for both business travelers and tourists. Don't miss the opportunity to experience the vibrant lifestyle of Barsha Heights during your stay in Dubai. Book your short-term rental now!

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