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Deluxe Holiday Homes - Vacation Rentals, Furnished & Serviced Apartments & Villas for Short Term Daily and Monthly Let in Dubai

Property Management Services in Dubai.

Professional vacation rentals & AirBNB Management company in Dubai.

Why list with Deluxe Homes Get the 21% Extra

Deluxe Holiday Homes™ stands as more than just a vacation rentals management company—we’re your key to transforming properties into profitable holiday homes. Operating seamlessly across Dubai, Fujairah, Yerevan, and now Riyadh and Jeddah, we’re growing along with our property owners.

With top-notch marketing, 24×7 support, and ROI-focused management, Deluxe Holiday Homes™ confidently transforms your property into a lucrative investment. Maximize your ROI by partnering up with us and crafting ideal holiday homes for short-term.

Earn More

Boost homeowner revenue by 21% or more in year one. We optimize your profile, set ideal prices, and market effectively in any competition.

Flexible Owner Stays

Earn more with flexible contracts, avoiding guest overlaps, and celebrate milestones at home.

Property Care

Dedicated teams ensure top- tier service, maintenance, and cleanliness for every home we manage.

Hassle Free

Seamless guest experience, from online booking to check-out, with our support team just a call away.

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Property Management with Owner's Portal

Introducing the Deluxe Holiday Homes™ Owner’s Portal—an advanced portal designed to empower landlords with unprecedented control and transparency over their properties. Our state-of-the-art portal offers real-time insights, allowing you to effortlessly track bookings, monitor vacancies, keep a track of expenses and profit, and even facilitate “Owner’s Stay”.

Our Owner’s Portal is a game-changer in transparency and convenience. Say goodbye to uncertainties and hello to a new era of property management where every detail is at your fingertips.

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What Makes Us The Best Choice

Deluxe Holiday Homes top tier property management can easily be defined in two words:

  • Transparent
  • Simple

We exemplify a commitment to honesty, clarity, and straightforwardness in all interactions while ensuring a hassle-free experience for property owners.

Property Management Services

Listing & Marketing

Craft an eye-catching listing with our industry experts; we cover the listing fees, so you don't have to worry.

Interior Design

Increase your booking rate by 12% with our dedicated designers; customize interiors for higher returns.

Professional Photography

Elevate your property's appeal with professional photos, 360 virtual tours, and captivating video content.

Initial Property Setup & Onboarding​

Get a rental income projection and DTCM-ready setup after the initial property visit.

Property Maintenance

Skilled technicians handle routine maintenance and repairs at discounted rates; no markups on invoices.


Enjoy round-the-clock housekeeping services; we take care of everything so you can relax.

Inquiries & Bookings

Streamlined booking experience, 7 days a week; our team handles inquiries and confirms reservations.

Dedicated Owner Services

Reach us anytime via phone or email if you have questions about your home.

Pricing Optimization

Maximize income with the latest tools; we track revenue and occupancy to optimize rates.

400 +
Guests Accommodated
100 K+
Average Traveler Reviews
3.2 +

Our Winning Process


Let’s Discuss

Talk to one of relationship managers to find out how much you can earn.

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Dedicated Onboarding

Get your property ready with our agent for short term letting.

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Launch the Property

Get your property listed on multiple booking platforms with us and start earning.

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List Your Property Details

Property Valuation

Client Testimonials

Frequently Asked Questions

We do require that all our properties shall be furnished in accordance with DTCM (Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing) furnishing requirements and be available for at least 90 calendar days per year.

Our team can help you to furnish your holiday homes or arrange the missing items in order to match the standards, simply contact [email protected] or call us at +97143920202 for a free consultation.

If you would like to become one of our homeowners, we can arrange an initial phone consultation with our team, which is followed by a visit to your home and a bespoke proposal/quotation.

Once the terms are agreed to and an agreement is signed, we can schedule a professional photo shoot and blueprint of your home.

Our registered holiday homes are typically ready to be marketed within a few days, and we can then start welcoming guests for your available dates.

How much you can earn is dependent on your home’s location, quality, and availability. If you would like to find out more, please get in touch and our team will happily organize a personalized forecast for you.


Our team can talk you through all the ways in which we keep your home safe and secure. From strict guest vetting to insurance and safety requirements for your home.

Every home should be equipped with a fire extinguisher, first aid kit and other safety equipment, be in accordance to DTCM furnishing list for holiday homes and a third party (public liability) insurance will be obtained prior to renting your property.

At Deluxe Holiday Homes™, we take care of your property as if it was our own, and that is why we have a number of processes in place to avoid any issues arising from guest vetting, collection of security deposits and insurance to physical and photo inventories as well as personal check-ins and check-outs for each guest.

We recommend all landlords to hold an annual maintenance contract (AMC) with a trusted home repair company. This policy helps you year-round and ensures that there aren’t any unexpected costs while you are away.

If a guest reports an issue, we work to ensure both for the homeowner and guest that it is resolved as soon as possible, so that you can come home to everything working perfectly. However, we are able to resolve 90% of the issues that may arise without ever contacting you during your travels.

For anything more important or anything that requires more specialist knowledge about your home, we will contact you to ensure we are able to find the right solution for you.

We work with respected local and global accommodation and advertising websites, as well as corporate booking platforms that allow for travellers across the world to book a stay in your home. In addition, we take bookings from our own website and accept repeat bookings.

There are no listing fees or costs that need to be paid beforehand. Deluxe Holiday Homes™ charges competitive rate which includes A to Z services on the bookings that we make for you, depending on the length of your contract and other factors. Get in touch with us today to get more details.

We also offer a full-service property management program for long-term rentals.

If you would like to receive additional info and a quote for our management services, please contact us at +97143920202

Every property is unique. Factors like facilities, location as well as how your holiday home is furnished will influence the rental price.

Please contact Deluxe Holiday Homes™ if you require an estimate. One of our market experts will be more than happy to assist you.

All property owners shall ensure to:

  1. Furnish their properties in accordance to DTCM standards, property in good order and all appliances operational.
  2. Pay service charges on time to allow guests’ uninterruptible access to the property and its facilities, such as to the pool and gym.
  3. Pay utility charges on time to avoid any inconvenience for the guests.
  4. Respond to our team to find best solution in case of maintenance or other issues.

We will:

market and advertise your property to suitable adults who are older than 21 as well as families and executives (corporate rentals).

screen the guests beforehand via a phone call to make sure that they are part of the target group.

develop and maintain a website for every individual property that includes photos, descriptions, info regarding the pricing and availability.

visit your place to take professional, high-quality photos.

take care of the bookings by applying the rental prices that appear in the contract and offer any specials approved by the owner.

take care of the communication pertaining to the booking and all client relations.

collect the money as well as taxes that are required by the Dubai government and submit it to the DTCM.

validate and gather all the documentation required and send these to the DTCM.

collect the security deposit before any guest checks in and after the property has been inspected for damage, we will ensure that the deposit is returned to the guests when they check out.

be there in person when the guests check in or check out.

be available to answer any questions and take care of any issues during the guests’ stay.

ensure the property owner receives the payment as per the time period stipulated in the contract.

We will supply a schedule of supplies and you will be responsible to ensure that your place has all the items, linen and towels listed in this schedule.

Deluxe Holiday Homes™ has been a licensed operator since 2015. If you require any additional info, please contact us at +971 43920202

We have one of the most comphrehensive Landlord’s Portal in the market, allowing our landlords to log-in online and check all their bookings (previous, current and future), financial transactions and statistics, as well as see their payouts history, utility payments history, calendar, personalized dashboard or book an owner stay directly. The portal is updated on daily basis thus keeping everything up-to-date

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