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Deluxe Holiday Homes - Vacation Rentals, Furnished & Serviced Apartments & Villas for Short Term Daily and Monthly Let in Dubai

Jebel Ali

Listings in Jebel Ali

Price Range
Monthly Range*
7 properties found
Starting from
AED 400/night
Pacific 1BR at Azizi Samia
Starting from
AED 600/night
Serene 2BR at The Nook Wasl Gate
Starting from
AED 250/night
Calm Studio at Azizi Aura Residences
Starting from
AED 300/night
Sunny Studio at Azizi Samia
Starting from
AED 300/night
Charming 1BR at Azizi Samia
Starting from
AED 250/night
Adorable Studio at Aura Residences
Starting from
AED 250/night
Charming Studio at Azizi Aura Residences

Short-Term Rentals in Jebel Ali Dubai

Jebel Ali offers short-term rental options for those seeking a more budget-friendly alternative to central Dubai. While selections might be more limited compared to tourist hotspots, studio apartments, and one-bedroom units are available in buildings in the area. Jebel Ali Dubai, with its dynamic blend of urban living and serene landscapes, offers an unparalleled experience for short-term stays. Furnished apartments are popular choices, ranging from studios to one and two-bedroom apartments. To explore available rentals, platforms like  and other popular listing platforms list furnished apartments for short-term rent in Jebel Ali.

About Jebel Ali Dubai

Jebel Ali, known as Dubai’s bustling industrial hub, is brimming with activity. It is home to the world’s largest man-made harbor, contributing to its lively atmosphere driven by global trade and commerce. Despite its industrial facade, Jebel Ali harbors hidden treasures such as Jebel Ali Beach, a tranquil escape, and upcoming theme parks at Dubai Parks and Resorts. Whether you’re a business traveler or an adventure seeker, Jebel Ali’s unique fusion of industry and emerging attractions promises unexpected delights.


Located southwest of Dubai’s city center, Jebel Ali is a key trade hub with the world’s largest man-made harbor, Jebel Ali Port. It enjoys excellent connectivity with the Dubai-Abu Dhabi Highway (E11) and Sheikh Zayed Road (E11), providing direct routes to Abu Dhabi and central Dubai. The dedicated Jebel Ali – Lehbab Highway (D 60) further enhances accessibility to industrial zones and Dubai Investment Park. Despite its industrial focus, Jebel Ali offers easy access to popular tourist spots like Dubai Marina and Palm Jumeirah.

Nearby Areas

Jebel Ali’s strategic location makes it a neighbor to several key industrial areas:

  • Dubai Investment Park (DIP):  Sharing a border with Jebel Ali, DIP is another major industrial and commercial hub. It houses numerous multinational companies and free zone businesses, creating a dynamic economic environment.
  • Jebel Ali Free Zone (JAFZ):  This massive free zone sits right next to Jebel Ali Port and offers many benefits for companies looking to establish themselves in the region. Duty-free imports, streamlined business processes, and world-class infrastructure make JAFZ a magnet for international investment.
  • Technopark:  Further inland from Jebel Ali lies Technopark, a dedicated zone for high-tech companies and research institutions. This focus on innovation fosters a collaborative environment for cutting-edge industries.

Properties In Jebel Ali Dubai

Jebel Ali offers an array of rental options, from sleek apartments to luxurious hotel residences to suit every need.

  • Furnished Apartments: Studios and one-bedroom units are the most common holiday homes in Jebel Ali. These apartments cater to professionals on temporary assignments or budget-conscious travelers.  Expect modern conveniences and comfortable living spaces, potentially with balconies offering city or partial sea views.
  • Villas: Finding short-term villas in Jebel Ali is less frequent, but some options might be available. These villas are ideal for families or larger groups seeking a more spacious and private stay.  Think private pools, landscaped gardens, and multiple bedrooms for a luxurious home away from home experience.

Rent Price Trends of Properties in Jebel Ali Dubai

The rental market in Jebel Ali Dubai is dynamic, with prices influenced by property type, size, and location. 

  • Generally Lower Rents: Compared to central Dubai areas, Jebel Ali offers more budget-friendly options for short-term rentals starting from AED 170 per night.
  • Seasonal Fluctuations: While significant fluctuations might be less common than in tourist hotspots, expect some price increases during peak tourist seasons.
  • Factors Affecting Price: The size and features of the apartment (studio vs. one-bedroom, balcony view, etc.), proximity to specific attractions (Jebel Ali Beach), and overall demand can influence rental prices.

Lifestyle in Jebel Ali Dubai

Jebel Ali Dubai boasts a vibrant lifestyle scene with various attractions and amenities. From world-class shopping malls and fine dining restaurants to pristine beaches and lush parks, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

  • Supermarkets: Jebel Ali offers a mix of supermarkets and smaller convenience stores. Major chains like Spinneys and Carrefour are located alongside local grocery stores catering to daily needs. The Ibn Battuta Mall, located near Jebel Ali, also houses a large Carrefour hypermarket.
  • Beach: Jebel Ali Beach offers a welcome escape from the industrial setting. This public beach boasts pristine sands and calm waters, perfect for relaxation and sunbathing.  While not as extensively developed as other Dubai beaches, Jebel Ali provides a more laid-back atmosphere.
  • Activities: Beyond the beach, Jebel Ali offers exciting options for adventure seekers. The upcoming Dubai Parks and Resorts promises thrilling experiences with theme parks like LEGOLAND Dubai and Bollywood Parks Dubai.  Additionally, scuba diving enthusiasts can explore the rich underwater world at dive centers near Jebel Ali Beach.
  • Malls: While Jebel Ali itself doesn’t have many malls, the iconic Ibn Battuta Mall, with its unique architectural design inspired by Ibn Battuta’s travels, lies nearby. This mega-mall offers diverse shopping options, entertainment venues, and restaurants.
  • Cafes and Restaurants: Jebel Ali caters more to a working professional crowd, so cafes and restaurants are concentrated around business hubs and hotels.  However, you’ll still find options ranging from international coffee chains to casual eateries serving a variety of cuisines. Jebel Ali also boasts some hidden gems like traditional Arabic restaurants frequented by locals.

Amenities in Jebel Ali Dubai

Jebel Ali Dubai offers a wide range of amenities to enhance residents’ quality of life. Everything you need, from state-of-the-art hospitals and mosques to recreational facilities and green spaces, is within easy reach.


Jebel Ali offers a few medical facilities catering to the working population’s needs.  Some options include:

  • Jebel Ali International Hospital: This multi-specialty hospital provides various services, including pediatrics, occupational health, and emergency care.
  • Aster Clinic: This clinic offers general consultations and treatment for common ailments.

While Jebel Ali might not have a vast network of hospitals, its proximity to Dubai allows residents to access major healthcare facilities in neighboring areas like Dubai Marina or Jumeriah.


Jebel Ali caters to the religious needs of its residents, with several mosques conveniently located throughout the area.  These mosques offer a place for prayer and a sense of community for practicing Muslims.

Leisure Activities in Jebel Ali Dubai

For those seeking leisure and entertainment, Jebel Ali offers various options to suit every interest. Whether you enjoy outdoor adventures in parks and gardens, catching the latest blockbuster at cinemas, or indulging in wellness treatments at spas and salons, there’s no shortage of activities.

Parks and Gardens: 

While Jebel Ali’s focus lies on industry, it offers hidden green havens for relaxation:

  • Jebel Ali Recreation Club Park: This park, situated near the Jebel Ali Recreation Club, provides a space for families to unwind with playgrounds, picnic areas, and walking paths.
  • Discovery Gardens: This neighboring community boasts landscaped gardens and parks, offering a tranquil escape amidst the urban environment.


Jebel Ali offers a limited selection of cinemas. Reel Cinemas – Jebel Ali Recreation Club is a dine-in cinema that lets you catch the latest movies while enjoying a delicious meal.

Other Activities:

  • Jebel Ali Beach: This public beach provides a haven for relaxation, swimming, and sunbathing.
  • Dubai Parks and Resorts: Thrill-seekers can look forward to exciting experiences at theme parks like LEGOLAND Dubai and Bollywood Parks Dubai.
  • Scuba Diving: Explore the rich underwater world at dive centers near Jebel Ali Beach.
  • Day Trips: Jebel Ali’s strategic location makes it a perfect base for exploring other parts of Dubai, such as Dubai Marina or Downtown Dubai, with their plethora of leisure activities.

Transportation and Parking Spaces

Jebel Ali Dubai benefits from excellent transportation infrastructure, including nearby metro stations, bus routes, and ample parking spaces. With efficient public and private transportation options, getting around the city is convenient and hassle-free.

Residents have access to an extensive network of public transportation options, including the Dubai Metro and RTA buses, as well as private transportation services. Ample parking spaces throughout the area ensure hassle-free commuting for residents and visitors alike.

Why Rent in Jebel Ali Dubai?

Choosing Jebel Ali Dubai as your rental destination offers numerous advantages. Ideal for budget-conscious travelers seeking a tranquil escape, Jebel Ali offers affordability compared to central Dubai, with access to a pristine beach and exciting future developments like Dubai Parks and Resorts.

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