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What To Eat In Dubai: The Foodie’s Guide To Dubai’s Immersive Culture

For those who’ve been in and out of the U.A.E for the better part of their lives, these foods may seem like “muscle memory” to your taste buds, however, tourists and residents included – there are few dishes in this city that never seems to get old. Especially those sick of ordering in or are just getting settled into their holiday homes in Dubai for the season; this might just be the perfect introductory to the city’s diverse culture. Whether you’re having a seemingly tough day, or a cause for celebration there’s always an item on the city’s rich and flourishing culture menu. Our experts have compiled the 6 ultimate dishes to try during your stay in Dubai.


Also known as the Emirati national dish, Khuzi or Ghuzi is a spicy, slow-cooked version of a basmati-cooked rice dish made with lamb, chicken or fish. Enjoyed by many households in the region, the dish is wide-enjoyed across the United Arab Emirates, especially more so during large family gatherings. If you would like to take your shot at this dish, head over to Al Fanar Restaurant in DFC for a mouth-watering selection of Arabian delights.


As a must-have in every emirate pantry, Luqaymat is essentially sweet dumplings served hot. Popular in many of the city’s traditional dining venues and cafes, the flavourful dish is hand-made with flour, syrup, turmeric and salt and served best – with a cup of sizzling hot Arabic tea.


One of the most popular desserts, and loved by all – is the Knafeh. Starting from a crispy outer texture to a buttery inside, the dish is widely served right after a hefty main course meal or to end the fast during the holy Ramadan month. Located in almost every traditional café, the dish is served in generous cake-sized amounts.


Another traditional favourite, Harees is comprised of a creamy texture made with fresh meat or chicken and boiled with barley. Often served during the Ramadan season, it is also known to be one of the healthiest dishes due to its protein-packed composition. The porridge-like mix along with a distinctive flavour makes this a go-to dish for first-timers in the city.


As the perfect starters to your day, chebab set the tone for a productive and energized morning ahead. Very much like western pancakes, the Chebab has a sweet and fluffy mixture, that can be best enjoyed with a side of syrup or fruits.

The Old School Shawarma Treat

Dubai’s street food is deeply rooted in its historic past and culture – and shawarma is one of those foods you’ll find on every one of your street corners. Made to your liking, you can choose from either a spicy or a non-spicy take on the dish and enjoy freshly roasted and grilled chicken fresh out of the oven. Wrapped in some warm classic Arabic bread and a line-up of fresh vegetables – this extremely affordable and classic dish – will be an absolute treat during your stay in Dubai.

Whether you’re new in Dubai, or a resident looking to get better acquainted with the city’s traditional cuisine, these are some great new dishes to try out during your time here. Served all-year round in traditional Arabic restaurants in Dubai, trying out the city’s flavourful dishes.

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