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Tips For an Enjoyable and Money Sayving Vacation

Tips For an Enjoyable and Money Saving Vacation

Planning a great family vacation does not have to mean breaking the bank. This article provides some tips for saving money without sacrificing that great annual getaway.

As the time for summer vacation approaches, it is important for those vacationers to make the most of the money they have available. With the ever-increasing price of gas, coupled with increases in airfare, hotel rates and other vacation essentials, saving money where you can has become more and more important.

With the cost of that great summer vacation increasing every year, it is a good idea for families to treat that summer splurge as a separate line item on the family budget. Socking away a little bit of money from every paycheck can help ensure you have plenty of money for all that summer fun. This dedicated saving strategy can also help you avoid any unpleasant surprises when the post-vacation credit card bill arrives.

While it is a generally a good idea to put vacation expenses on plastic, it is just as important to pay that credit card bill in full when it does arrive. Paying with plastic has a great many advantages compared to cash and other payment methods, including reducing the risks associated with carrying large quantities of cash, but the key is to pay that bill in full when it arrives. Having a vacation fund set aside can help to ease any post-vacation sticker shock.

To make the vacation fund idea even sweeter, look around for a savings account with a high interest rate and a low initial balance requirement. The number of such accounts is increasing, thanks in part to the competition posed by online banks, so be sure to shop around for the best deal. The interest you eam may pay for a special meal at the resort, or at least another ride on the kids favorite roller coaster
Of course before you can establish a vacation budget you will need to know how much you will need to save. If you have the bills from last year’s summer vacation handy, this can provide a rough guide, but keep in mind that it is better to save too much than not enough. When making up that budget, don’t forget to budget for souvenirs and toys and games to keep the kids occupied on the road.

When it comes to getting the best deal on airfare, hotels and other vacation essentials it is important to shop early. Those travelers who are able to firm up their travel plans early may find themselves with more travel choices, and lower ticket prices, than those who put off the planning. While there are occasionally good deals for short-notice travelers, finding enough cheap tickets for a family vacation can be a real challenge. The rule of thumb is to shop as early as possible for airline tickets and hotel rooms.

When shopping for those airline tickets and hotel rooms don’t forget to ask about discounts to which you may be entitled. Hotels in particular often offer a host of different discount prices, so chances are you may be eligible for one or more money saving offers. From discounts for AAA members to discounts offered to travelers in certain lines of business, there are plenty of offers available, and it is important for travelers to ask about these discounts when making their reservations.

Many hotel chains and airlines also offer significant discounts for those who book online, so it definitely pays to be internet savvy when making vacation plans. In fact, a number of airlines have instituted additional per ticket charges for those who book their travel through an 800 number, so shopping online could save you lots of money on a family vacation.
When looking for that ultra-How airfare, it is a good idea to shop at both the consolidator sites and at the airlines themselves. Not all airlines participate in all of the consolidator websites, and it may be possible to find a lower price by visiting the website of your preferred airline

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