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Cultural merging is inevitable when you host guests from all over the world, and the majority of your own cities population is made up of “outsiders”. Dubai was once a homogeneous pearling community. Today, Dubai strives to maintain that Arabesque element in all aspects of the city. The Islamic influence on the Arab culture and routine, is still practiced very prominently throughout the city. Just like they did centuries ago, the locals continue praying five times a day from the minarets of mosques, scattered around the city. Non-Muslim tourists can visit certain mosques in Dubai, such as the Jumeirah Mosque. Although the visitors come and bring new customs with them, weekends are still Friday and Saturday in Dubai. Saturday is an intermediary line between the Islamic holy Friday, and the western weekend, which ends on Sunday. Modest outfits are, as a rule, mainstream in Dubai. Foreigners are encouraged not to wear clothes in public places that are too open or short, especially in conservative areas.

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The basic cuisine in Dubai varies, due to the various nationalities that make up Dubai’s population. In fact, about 71 percent of Dubai’s population is made up of expatriates and foreigners. According to the Dubai Statistic Center, which is a part of the Dubai Government, the city’s current population is 2,415.459. The datum is very accurate, because it has been updated quite recently, on the 13th of October, 2015. In cities like Dubai, there is also a substantial difference between the populations activity in the daytime, versus the populations activity at night. A remarkable chunk of the populations’ day was spent working inside. So, in 2014 the active daytime population was estimated to be 3,408.000.

A vast majority of the residents are expatriates, mainly from poor neighboring countries, as well as other various countries. This has influenced the ratio between men and women in Dubai in 2014, making up a correlation of 2:1.

Finally, the national religion in Dubai is Islam, and approximately 95 percent of Sunni mosques are patronized by the UAE authorities directly.

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Initially, the rise of emirate’s economy was marked, by the rise of the oil industry in Dubai. Today, only 2 percent of Dubai’s gross domestic products, are made up of the petroleum, and natural gas industry. It is the era of financial dialogue between countries throughout Dubai. Many multinational banks, and financial institutions have their headquarters here in Dubai. The city is also famous for its gold trade. However, the fact that the majority of Dubai’s economy lies with tourism, is eminent in the 21st century. Tourism is the real gold. It is responsible for generating billions of dollars into the country’s economy.


Dubai has a tropical, desert climate. And this is the reason for extremely hot summers and warm winters. The average temperature in summer is 41 ℃. The highest temperature in Dubai was recorded at 52.1 ℃, in July of 2002. Nonetheless, the humid and hot climate has a good side in the summer. Winters are really nice and short here, the temperature usually doesn’t drop below 14 ℃.

The rain season starts with December, and ends with March. This period is considered the most comfortable climatic season of the year.

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Adventures & Attractions

You are in Dubai, there is everything for everybody in the proper sense of the word. If you are a lover of desert safari, Dubai is the place to be. If you go on a dessert safari in Dubai, you will want to try sand-boarding. That is not even the beginning of the real inhabitants of the dessert, such as camels. So, why not take a camel ride as well. If you would like to feel the color of the whole city collectively, there are things here called abras. Abras are traditional wooden motorized boats, which travel to miscellaneous locations, all along the Dubai Creek. There are also larger, cruises. So you can relish on an Arabian dhow, sailing through the Persian Gulf. Golf is the most exercised sport here. The green of the Montgomerie Dubai Golf Club is the world’s largest area to golf, and it is made in the shape of the United Arab Emirates.

Rules, Safety, Currency

Your knowledge of the local culture may tell a lot about you. There are mostly unwritten rules which may save you from unwanted situations. For instance, clothing and behaving in public places demand strict rules, like not showing one’s shoulders, legs, and elbows for women, and not dressing too casually for the man (e.g. shorts). However,  due to the growth of tourism, locals have become somewhat tolerant to certain outfits. Handshaking with an Arab man is welcome, but cannot be accepted by a women, who should avoid shaking hands with strangers and non-relatives. Additionally, avoid crossing your legs, this exposes the soles of your feet and shoes. To Arabs that is like saying that they are dirt, so they take it as an insult. Also, don’t use your left hand while eating, it is considered to be the unclean hand.

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Dubai’s golden era began in 1966. Oil was found at the offshore Fateh field, which is also known as the Fath oil field. At that time, even the brightest brains could not begin to imagine Dubai relishing in the opportunities that are present in Dubai today. Oil became the gateway to a brand new world. Although it wasn’t a gateway for the locals to connect outside of Dubai, it was a gateway for foreigners to come into Dubai.

Merely a half a century ago, all of these big edifices, businesses, and residential developments were not even thought to exist. It may be hard to believe, but the village was indeed replaced by a thriving city. In 1883, Dubai’s current leaders took control, and ruled the village. Back then, the most critical financial source was limited to pearl-fishing.

Step by step, the whole city was replenished by new buildings, modern edifices and high-end apartments. The number of residents and which is of more importance, tourists is still increasing, and thus the hotels, townhouses, penthouses and apartments for rent are of high demand. Today, when you look at the exceptional oasis created by Sheik Mohammed bin Rashid al-Maktoum, along with the crown prince, it is hard to believe that this was once a village with a limited source of finances.

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Touristic Places & Sightseeing

Dubai is world-famous for its marvelous landmarks. As a tourist, your main goal is most probably to handle your time management in the way to see most of them. Thus you should pursue maximum proximity to the sights while renting a vacation apartment. For instance, the Downtown Dubai, which is well known for The Burj Khalifa, the innovation of the 21stcentury’s architecture. This skyscraper surpasses all kinds of records. It is the globe’s tallest man-made building. If you visit Dubai during the New Year season, Burj Khalifa and The Dubai Fountains are the number one places to go to. While you are counting down the seconds, waiting for the New Year, you can admire the captivating water performances by the Dubai fountains.

Still, if you are looking for a holiday home the location of which also boasts shopping and entertainment, you can rent one near the Dubai Mall, which hosts more than 100 million visitors each year. After shopping, you can enjoy a meal at one of 200 restaurants and eateries. Afterwards, you can continue your day with some skating at the Dubai Ice Rink, or watching arthouse movies at The Reel Cinemas. The Mall also features the Dubai Aquarium and the Under Water Zoo, which are some other great places to visit. If you are with your kids, you can spend some quality family time with them, and head for KidZania. At KidZania they can view a priceless fossil from a 155 million year old dinosaur. Or you can take them to visit one of the theme parks here in Dubai, just enter the SEGA Republic.

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Getting a Visa to Dubai

The United Arab Emirates currency is Dirham, (AE, ARE, and UAE). 1 Dirham is the equivalent to approximately 3.6725 US dollars.

If you are a citizen in one of the countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council and/or the Schengen Area you have the privilege of travelling to the United Arab Emirates without needing a visa. Nationals of the listed countries, (you can find them on the, do not need to make preparations beforehand since they have a 30 day opportunity to stay here, as well as another 30 days in case of special changes. However, if you have to make preparations regarding a visa, you can apply, pay for, and acquire a visa entirely online. If you have a relative in the UAE who is a citizen of the country, he or she may manage all of the issues of getting a visa for you themselves, without even needing your physical presence.

Dubai 2020 Expo

If you want to be a part of “Connecting Minds and Creating the Future“, you should be in Dubai from Oct. 10, 2020 until Apr. 10, 2021. This is when Dubai has the honor of hosting and managing the World Expo. The purpose of this is to rekindle the interconnection and cooperation between countries. We will welcome about 25 million visitors, and seventy percent of them will be from all over the world. The Expo will handle a number of amazing projects. Such as, the Museum of the Future, the Bluewaters Island, Dubai Frame, Dubai Creek Harbour, Dubai Theme Parks, Aladdin City, and many more. Many of these projects have already been commenced, and many are still underway of construction.

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