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How to Get Your Ride Road Trip Ready

How to Get Your Ride Road Trip Ready

“Summer road trip season is almost here, and now is the time to get ready. If you want to actually enjoy your adventure, you need to make sure your car is up to the challenge.

Summer road trip season is almost here, and it time for drivers to get ready. Before long, you will be strapping your bags to the luggage rack, packing the kids favorite toys and getting ready to hit the highway. But before you pull out of the garage or driveway, you need to make sure your ride is ready for the rigors of long-distance travel.
If your longest trip to date was back and forth to work, your vehicle may not be as ready as you think. If you want your summer road trip to go off without a hitch, you need to get your ride road trip ready now. Here are a few tips to make sure your summer road trip is as stress-free as possible.

Catch Up On Your Preventative Maintenance

If you have let your preventative maintenance schedule slip, now is the time to catch up. Before you hit the road for your big trip, get out your preventative maintenance schedule and make sure your vehicle has everything it needs.
From oil changes and coolant top-offs, taking care of all your maintenance now is an essential part of making your ride road trip ready. Be sure to have your mechanic top off all the fluids as well – and ask the shop to check for leaks as well.

Check Your Tires

You will likely encounter all kinds of weather conditions on your long-distance road trip, from sudden downpours and thunderstorms to relentless heat and hot beating sun. All of those weather challenges can really take a toll on your tires, especially if their tread wear was already extensive.
If you have been putting off buying new tires, it may be time to go shopping. You do not want a flat tire to leave you stranded or a sudden blowout to put your safety at risk.

Give Your Headlights a Tune-Up

You are likely to do a lot more nighttime driving on your summer road trip, so make sure your headlights are up to the task. Ask your favorite mechanic to check your headlights, from their brightness to the way they are aimed.

If you do need a new set of headlights, now is the time to make the investment. You do not want to be stuck on a dark road in the middle of nowhere and you do not want a lack of nighttime visibility to put your family at risk.

Distribute the Load Carefully

If you are planning a long family road trip, your vehicle will probably be carrying a lot of extra weight. From all those suitcases to comfort items and snacks for the kids, all that weight can really add up.
Be sure the weight is distributed evenly and properly before you hit the road. A roof-mounted luggage rack is always a good choice, but if it is not available you can distribute luggage and other essentials throughout the interior of your vehicle and in the trunk.

Summer road trip season is almost here, and before you know it, you will be packing up the car and getting ready for a new adventure. Getting your ride in road trip shape now will make every other part of your vacation more memorable and less stressful, and now is the time to get ready.”

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