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Items to Have on a Long Flight

Items to Have on a Long Flight

Almost everyone dreads a long flight. While the destination may be worth it, a long flight can be boring, cramped, and frustrating. There are, however, some ways to make a long flight more bearable. Here are a few items that you can take along to help.

Sitting cramped between people for 10 hours can be quite miserable. Fortunately, there are ways to combat the boredom and frustration that can set in on a long flight. Carrying the following items onboard with you can help make the experience a bit better:

1. Headphones

On most, if not all, long-haul international flights, the airline will provide a pack of ear buds that you can lise to listen to music or watch films. These ear buds, however, do little to block out noise. A good pair of headphones is worth the investment and will allow you to listen to your tunes while also providing a degree of noise cancellation. There is not much that makes a flight more miserable than a screaming baby behind you for 14 hours. Headphones can help you mentally escape.

2. Candy

Candy can be a tremendous asset on a long flight. Candy is tasty and keeps you preoccupied. Peppermints and candy canes are great because they help soothe your stomach and freshen your breath, something your neighbors will appreciate. There will likely be plenty of food and drink provided by the airline, but having a pack of candy to enjoy throughout the flight can do wonders for your morale.

3. A book

Most airlines have a great selection of films and TV shows available for you to watch on your personal screen. Many of these are popular and quite recent. However, switching up your entertainment during the flight is a good idea. Reading a book is a great option for passing the time.

4. Your own pillow

Many airlines do provide some sort of a pillow on long-haul flights, however it will be better if you will take your own with you.

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