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IWD 2022

International Women’s Day 2022: Talks With Powerful Women

iwd 2022

Encouraging women in the corporate world is key to moving forward. (Photo Credit: Forbes)

Monday Mornings are best served with coffee and insightful conversations. This morning, we decided to do just that. In light of the Women’s History Month, we asked women from different departments some very powerful questions. and here’s what we learned.

Changing Roles, Same Motion.

When asked about their roles and place in the organization, all women had a differing day-to-day schedule. But one thing they all had in common was their passion. Each participant portrayed beautifully, the art of working in Dubai’s leading rental and property management company, especially as a woman. Diving into the challenges they faced and their most prized moments.

For centuries, women in the workplace have trained themselves to toughen up and mask their softer nature, just to be taken seriously. But our team enlightened us, that this no longer has to be the norm.

“On a day-to-day basis, there are different challenges I encounter, but I do consider it as an advantage, for me to be more empathetic, to learn, grow and understand more on how to resolve such issues or concerns.” Says Faith, HR Manager of Deluxe Holiday Homes.

Embracing our truer selves includes embracing both, our masculine and feminine energies in harmony. The only true way to excel is to let all parts of you shine through, which will ultimately reflect in your work, your home and your goals.

However, easier said than done, we can all admit that a successful work-life balance can be hard to juggle at times, even more so if you’re a mother. But the dedicated women of our office have inspired us to think that if you love something just enough, you can make it work.

The biggest challenge that I encounter is being a working mom and providing the same level of passion and attention both to my kids and my job. It is very challenging to keep the right balance between those two aspects of life, but it is definitely possible with some proper planning and dedication.” Says Anna, Head of Onboarding and our in-house Interior Designer.

Message To the Younger Women

With that being said, one of the most pivotal moments of womanhood is when we take everything we have learned over the years and pass on to the younger generations the tools to build and rebuild, learn and unlearn, and eventually create the foundation they need.

The power-women of our team had one uniform message to pass on to the younger women; best summarized in, three simple words: Go. For. It.

Whether it’s a career, a business, a family or a vacation. Chase your passions and don’t let anyone trip you down. Having obstacles on the way is normal, but giving up is not. Don’t let the fear of being average, not lead you to success; because wherever you may be the road to success can never be linear.

What Can We Do For The Women In Our Workplace?

Women in the workplace have come a long way. Overcoming persistent struggles, ill-treatment and a lack of opportunities. Despite what history presents, the women of the modern-day corporate world have had major successful breakthroughs.

“The world is shaping up and moving towards a wider acceptance and understanding which gives equal opportunities and developments to any gender, especially to us, women.”  Added Faith Sulib, HR Manager

From a worldly perspective, as of 2021, the number of female CEOs in the Fortune 500 rose to 41. Although this is an impactful number, it’s still well below 10% of the list. From all corners of the world, women have been given fewer opportunities than their male counterparts.

“I am honestly very lucky to be working alongside male colleagues who treat women in our office with the utmost respect. On the other note, however, as our role requires us to constantly be in touch with a very diverse set of clients coming from all over the globe – mostly on phone calls, sadly, this type of a challenge is still prevalent.” Said Lauren, our Reservation Specialist.

Once again proving, that despite living in a new-age world, a significant gap still exists. This without a doubt, points to the need to uplift, accommodate and essentially embrace the International Women’s Day 2022 Theme: Gender Equality. The best way we can achieve this is to raise the bar for the women around us. Create equal opportunities, let women be heard, be an advocate for younger women. Eventually bridging the gap that’s holding us all back.

Empowered women make your team better; and whether you like it or not, the only way to witness real change is from within your organization.

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