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Ideal Accommodation in Dubai for COP28 Visitors

Dubai is the vibrant host for this year’s COP28, the 28th United Nations Climate Change Conference, taking place at Expo City from November 28 to December 12. As the excitement builds, you might be wondering where to find the perfect place to recharge after a day of important discussions. Look no further—we’ve got your short term stay covered in Dubai!


What is COP28?

COP28, or the 2023 United Nations Climate Change Conference, is a crucial gathering where nations come together to address climate-related issues. Taking place in the vibrant city of Dubai, this conference aims to pave the way for sustainable solutions and global cooperation.


When is it happening?

COP28 is scheduled to unfold its crucial discussions and initiatives from November 28 to December 12, 2023. During these two weeks, global leaders, environmental experts, and stakeholders will convene to address pressing climate issues and formulate strategies for a sustainable future. This is how your 2 weeks will be jam packed with all the events:


Nov 30: Opening Day

Dec 1-2: World Climate Action Summit

Dec 3: Health / Relief, Recovery and Peace

Dec 4: Finance / Trade / Gender Equality / Accountability

Dec 5: Energy and Industry / Just Transition / Indigenous Peoples

Dec 6: Multilevel Action, Urbanization and Built Environment/Transport

Dec 7: Day of Rest

Dec 8: Youth, Children, Education and Skills

Dec 9: Nature, Land Use, and Oceans

Dec 10: Food, Agriculture, and Water

Dec 10-11: Final Negotiations


Where to stay during the event?

Choosing the perfect place to stay for COP28 in Dubai is crucial for a great conference experience. As the number one short-term rental company in Dubai, Deluxe Holiday Homes offers a variety of apartments and holiday homes to suit different preferences. 

We understand the specific needs of diplomatic event accommodation for COP28, ensuring your stay is comfortable and convenient. Whether you want luxury, proximity to conference venues, or easy public transportation access, our accommodations are well-equipped to make your COP28 experience memorable. Plan ahead and book your stay early to guarantee a smooth and enjoyable time during this important climate conference. Check out our suggestions below based on your priorities.


For group stays

Opting for group accommodation when traveling with your team for COP28 is a smart choice. It’s not only cost-effective but also ensures a more streamlined and enjoyable team experience during conferences and events. We have a couple of options for you that you can choose from:

Villas in Palm Jumeirah: Nestled in the iconic Palm Jumeirah, these villas redefine luxury. With expansive spaces, private pools, and breathtaking views, your group stay becomes an indulgent experience.

Townhouses in Damac Hills: Discover a perfect blend of elegance and comfort in Damac Hills. The townhouses offer spacious interiors, modern amenities, and a tranquil ambiance, ensuring your group feels right at home.

ideal accommodation in dubai for cop28 visitors 1

Nearest to Expo City

If you’re planning to attend all of the COP28 events, you’d need to be in an area that is closer to Expo City. For quick and easy access to COP28 events at Expo City, two fantastic options await:


Jebel Ali: If you want to be super close to Expo City, Jebel Ali is your go-to spot. Choosing Jebel Ali ensures you’re just a stone’s throw away from all the action, making it convenient for your COP28 journey.


Production City: Immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere of ProductionCity, strategically located for easy travel to and from the conference. Staying in Production City offers not only proximity to Expo City but also a lively setting to unwind after a day of COP28 engagements. The apartments here range from studios to 3BR+ apartments.


ideal accommodation in dubai for cop28 visitors 2

Explore the City with Comfortable Stays

If you’re keen on discovering Dubai’s vibrant city life during your free time at the COP28, consider these options that provide both convenience and comfort. They are not only close to all the popular tourist spots in Dubai but also have perfect options for individuals as well as groups:


1 BR-3 BR Apartments in Marina: Dive into the dynamic city atmosphere by choosing Deluxe Holiday Homes’ apartments in Marina. These residences not only offer sophistication but also ensure convenience, placing you close to all the popular tourist spots in Dubai.


1 BR-3 BR Apartments in JBR: Opt for Jumeirah Beach Residence (JBR) apartments if you’re looking for beachfront living with a touch of modern comfort. These accommodations provide the perfect base for exploring the city’s attractions while ensuring a comfortable stay.

Dubai is getting ready for COP28, are you? Deluxe Holiday Homes has the best options for your stay—from fancy villas to comfy places near Expo City and the city spots. Whether you’re looking for big group stays, want to be super close to COP28 events, or explore the city, we’ve got you covered. Book early with us for a comfy and memorable COP28 trip in Dubai!

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