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Securing Your Property

Equipment, Insurance, Security, Deposit, Guest Screening

Securing Your Property as Holiday Home

Insurance for your Property

Our professionals at all times ensure that the necessary by-law insurance is in place. This insurance will cover both third-party and liability insurance. On top of that, we strongly advise that you get extra insurance policies such as rental insurance, landlord insurance and contents and individual home insurance. These additional insurance policies will take care of instances when your property, building or items inside your property get damaged.
Safety equipment
It is always better to prevent accidents from occurring in the first place. Therefore, our expert team is extra cautious and will see to it that safety gear is installed prior to leasing your holiday home/apartment.

We always recommend installing safety equipment such as:
• carbon monoxide detectors
• fire extinguishers
• smoke detectors
• first aid kits
• safe-deposit boxes
• locks/chains on the doors.

Apart from ensuring your place is safe, another advantage is that you can mention all these safety features to your potential guests. After all, some of your guests will not be familiar with staying in a totally safe place like the residents of Dubai are. Your guests will be exceedingly grateful for a small feature such as a safe-deposit box.

In actual fact, certain guests specifically look for short-term holiday rentals that can offer them these safety features. So, if your home/apartment does not boast these additional features, it will not pop up in their search results. Thus, including security gear is an easy and handy way of making your property stand out from all the other properties which have been listed on (a) booking sites.

Security deposit

A security deposit is frequently the fastest and simplest manner to prevent guests damaging your property. Though, if you ask a security deposit that is too much, certain guests could potentially be discouraged to rent your holiday apartment. To ensure that we charge just the right amount, our team conducts research on similar listings in the area to ascertain how much your competition is asking for security deposits.


To screen your potential guests thoroughly is one of the best ways to protect your vacation home against possible problems. Our expert team makes use of all the info that is at hand to ascertain if the booking is one that we would want to accept. When you screen potential guests, identification should be verified. A guest who has various types of validated ID offers a higher level of authentication which makes him/her more trustworthy. Such a guest will for example have a passport and social media accounts and would have verified their contact details (like a cell phone number and email address) with our team.

This information should give you a better idea of whom you are in reality interacting with. If a potential guest does not have various forms of validated ID, our team will ask such a guest extra questions in order to get the same guarantee that the various forms of verified ID would have provided.


Before accepting a booking, our team also takes a closer look at the potential guest’s references and reviews. Although a reference is not difficult to get and can be influenced, it does provide useful info regarding the character of the guest. Reviews that the other hosts post on booking sites are extremely helpful. As soon as we spot a review that mentions loud music, parties or the police, the request is rejected at once.

If the screening process has indicated that the booking can be accepted, the reservation can be confirmed as soon as the deposit (typically between 20 to 30 percent of the total price) has been received.

Our experts will make use of identifying details to complete our own additional independent investigation where we can. A lot can be revealed about a person, even when you only have his/her country of origin and name…

If you’re a property owner and would like to convert it to a licensed DTCM holiday home, then use the contact form below or call us directly to +971553070444 for a free consultation.

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