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Brunches to Bleisures: Here’s what you need to know about this millennial trend

From Brunches to Bleisures. We come from a generation of in-betweeners. Where time is of the essence, and time is the embodiment of scarcity. We mix and match and get the best of both worlds. Bleisure lifestyle is just that. Simply put, it is a corporate travel trend that involves mixing business with leisure activities. Bleisure travelers are somewhat of an emerging market, even more so in the past decade; they have not only encouraged communities and successful leaders of our time to just take a beat and chill out but created ginormous ripples in the tourism industry. This trend is unsurprisingly also an excuse for families to bond and merge their worlds.

brunches to bleisures: here’s what you need to know about this millennial trend 1

     I think it’s very helpful for a family to see something of each other’s world. When I’m going to a cool new destination, I think to myself how can I get them over?

Forum Special Issue, 2011

A recent study reported that nearly 60% of business trips turn to leisure at some point and from what we can tell, 75% of the workforce in 2025 would consist of millennials. Among one of the most frequently visited region for corporate matters appears to be the Middle East. Moreover, Dubai’s new visa program enables long-term travellers to reside in the country while working overseas, which is definitely something to think about.

It’s a Hit

As much you’d like to travel, we all have unpursued travel fantasies and untouched bucket lists, and being away from loved ones isn’t exactly consistent with an enjoyable trip. Whether it’s the jaw-dropping architecture of Marseille in France, the fast-paced yet glamourous streets of New York, or the gorgeous skyline of Dubai; Every culture can be a reflection of ourselves; helping us discover our own inspirations, and bringing us a step closer to the ones in our lives. Apart from this, it is also a great chance to network. Events are opportunities, and contacts are milestones for a powerful network. So why not make this more than a passing trend?

An inexpensive ordeal

Although, it may seem like a stretch for tightly wound pockets, the future of airlines and rental vacation homes have paved the way for personalized itineraries and exclusive benefits for those enjoying work trips. Organisations like that of Deluxe Holiday Homes have introduced convenient short-term rental homes with access to amenities, household appliances, maintenance and nearly everything under the sun. Featuring trendy fully-furnished accommodations for as low as AED 4,000 in close proximity to prime areas in Dubai, it’s an excellent choice for all, including business travellers. This has given many a chance to build a home away from home and avoiding alarming rates overseas. Moreover, when you’re always on the move you’ll need an accessible spot so you can easily network and make meaningful connections.

Improved Productivity

It is said that work trips inclusive of a few leisure activities can essentially help alleviate stress and maximize your productivity levels. Just as satisfying as a day by yourself can be, bleisure trips are a movement that have helped many defeat moments of isolation. Given the pandemic, many have taken 2021 to be the first step into prioritizing health and safety more than ever. This is your sign, to find your vacation home and go check out those restaurants and trendy new spots that you secretly keep putting off. Press pause, take a mental break, and unwind – so you can get back to work re-energized.

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