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Train Travel

The Perks of Train Travel

“There are plenty modes of transportation to consider when planning a trip. Train travel is one of those modes that sometimes is overlooked. Traveling by train offers many perks that other ways of transportation do not. This article explores many of these perks.

                                                                                                                               The Perks of Travel

Train Travel Train travel is one mode of travel that many people never consider, but it can be the most enjoyable way to travel. It is a throwback to a time when travel was not so complicated. Travelling by train allows you to enjoy the journey almost as much as the destination. If you decide to plan to take the rails here are a few   tips that you might need to know.



        Save Some Dollars

The economy of train travel is probably one of the biggest perks gained from this mode of transportation. In head-to-head comparisons train travel often will come out as more economical than air travel. It is also easier to find discounts and lower fare offers for some travelers such as senior citizens, students, and military members. Your trip might last a little longer than other travel options, but that might end up being another reason why you might enjoy the ride.

      Leave the Hassle Behind

If you have ever flown, you know that it can be a headache. You need to show up at least two hours early, stand in long security lines, take off your shoes to get through screening, limit the number of liquids you can bring on board and a laundry list of other things to do before you can even access the boarding area. In contrast, you will only need to arrive at the train station thirty minutes to an hour before departure. Once the train is ready for departure, an announcement will be made, and you will be met at the doors of the train by crew members who will direct you to the car where you will be riding depending on the destination or type of ticket you purchased. Next, find a place and wait for a crew member to assign your seat. That is it; you are ready to travel.

      Travel Light, or Not

In other modes of transportation, you will often be limited in the number of bags you can bring without incurring extra fees. When you travel by rail, the luggage requirements are very generous. You will be able to check up to three bags weighing 50 pounds or less as part of your fare. However, you will incur extra fees if one or more of your bags are over 50 pounds or you plan to check more than three pieces of luggage. Of course, this does not take into account your carry-on items, which are typically included in the fare.

       Enjoy the Journey

If you are the type of person that enjoys the journey as much as you do the destination, then train travel is for you. As you travel, you can take in the scenery that passes right by your window, or read a good book as the countryside flows past. Also, you can move around at your leisure to explore other parts of the train while in motion.
Unlike the airlines when it is time to eat you do not have to look forward to a pre-packaged cooked meal, as most overnight trips feature a dining car. The dining cars are full-service restaurants on wheels complete with uniformed wait staff. Usually, when you are a sleeper car passenger, the meals will come as part of your fare. If full-service meals are not your thing, most trains have a café that can turn out quick meals.

      Travel When You Want

You can travel when you want without a reservation. However, you will most likely pay a higher fare for this luxury. The good thing is that most train fares typically stay stable. Of course, if you decide to travel during peak times, like holidays, you can expect to pay higher fares.


Unlike other forms of transportation, train stations are usually located in the downtown area of most cities. You will enjoy the ease of stepping off your train and being minutes from the conveniences of downtown.
There are more reasons to love train travel; these are just a few options to consider. You have plenty of choices when you are choosing how to get to your destination, and they all should get your consideration on which is the best for you. However, the next time you are planning a trip you might consider taking the train and end up relaxed and a few bucks richer.”

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