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Top Travelling Gadgets and Products

If you were asked what gadgets you would take with you if being offered a free trip to Dubai right at the moment, you would certainly innumerate several devices including your phone, video camera, iPad/ lap-top, etc. But hardly would you think of making this time’s holiday more comfortable and memorable by obtaining new and travel-friendly tech.

Today, the combination of going on a holiday and having no idea about the travel gadgets does not correspond to the reality. Planning a journey, this way or another, you start getting absorbed into the reality of the newest gadgets and products.

travelling gadgets


Franklin 12-language (Speaking) Global Translator

Now you’re at home, but when you helplessly find yourself lost abroad, you will face a “language trouble” and will certainly need this global translator. It will speak for you through ready-made sentences or 45000 words inserted in its memory. Besides, this is a good way to practice Arabic prior to leaving for Dubai.

Asus R300 Handheld Personal Navigator

The privilege of this device is the affordable price for such a clever gadget. This is not just a navigator, but a gift to your car. Listen to music, watch videos or photos, field your mobile calls through the R300. But if you are on foot, or with a bike, no trouble, have it in your pocket and enjoy its services.

Mobi EyeFi SD Card

Fans of “photo-travelling” are quite familiar with the daunting problem of transferring the photos from the camera to another gadget because of the lack of memory. Meanwhile you could have fun discovering something new. Mobi EyeFi SD card is what you need. It frees you from the memory cards, emails and USB mess. Having a built-in Wi-Fi, this camera sends all your captured memories to your Android, Kindle or iOS device. Mobi EyeFi SD card fits almost all cameras and is very handy: while you are taking photos or making a video, you can watch the recent ones being transferred to your tablet or whatever.


Waterproof Case for iPhone

Going to a sunny resort full of beaches? Like Dubai? You certainly need some “hard cover” for your mobile. Most of us get at least nervous finding their phones sandy or even worse, helplessly lying in water. Fans of IOS ecosystem are privileged to get a waterproof case for iPhone. This novelty can be taken to the sea and the most creative ones can even watch movies in up to 6 m depth.

Sandless Beach Mats

These are mats which will cause the curiosity of people lying next to you on the beach. The mats do not let the sand come out to the surface and by two-three taps the sand goes down the mat. So, if you are tired of being irritated of the sand, just get one before you leave.

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