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Top 10 Tips For Solo Travelling

Still in the ancient Greek Thales of Miletus, a prominent philosopher, used to state. “The most difficult thing in life is to know yourself”. Paradoxically, the road to self-discovery parallels one’s spatial discoveries- the surroundings, country and the world. Solo travelling is a key to unveiling yourself. But be alert not to make your travel a reservoir of ineffective or failed memories. Observe the “golden rules” of solo travelers’ and make your knowledge your main shield.

travelling solo

1. It’s time to make technologies serve for you. Have a number of copies of the most important documents not only with you, but also on the I-net. Use Dropbox, One Drive, Google Drive, etc. to save your scanned ID, Foreign Visa, train/plane tickets, Insurance docs, hotel confirmation, etc.

2. Pack your stuff in a handy way. This means that while packing, always keep in mind you should carry your bag not as a burden, but as a source of your most needed and vital things. With no second thought, lose the stuff you don’t usually need at home, since you will hardly remember them in the getaway if they are of no use still at home.

3. Take your beloved messenger bag. I wonder why it is not called a traveler’s bag, since there couldn’t be a more traveler-friendly kit than this. Comparing with rucksacks, you hold them from front, and stealing the wallet or docs with no notice becomes merely impossible.

4.Even if you have decided to stay isolated from your family or friends, Inform somebody about your upcoming break off, the terms of the journey, the hotel or any place you will stay at, for no matter how alert or cautious you are, you may long for a helping hand at some point.

5. Upload several applications and make use of them. Translators, GPS, Maps, currency convertor, etc. Make sure your Messenger, Skype or Viber accounts are valid, since in case you find an Internet access, they are the cheapest ways of keeping in touch with your family, friends or the one we talked above.

6.When at your destination, make your best to learn, take part in and reveal a lot. Go to local cafes, pubs and restaurants, make friends with other tourists or the staff to get wise advice on what-to-dos and where-to-gos to make your travel more worthy to remember.

7.When you don’t know the local norms just keep your eyes on others, watch them and you will get answers. How much to tip, how to ask for a direction, to queue or not, these are things you will learn at the spot.

8. If you do find time, take language, culinary, local dance courses. They depict the locals most. See what can be found for you in this new culture, or maybe you will revalue what you have in your life, in your country.

9. Try to grasp and digest everything with your eyes. It’s moments, minor details and faces, that get fixed in our memory. Try to look at the world through your eyes, not through the camera. Enjoy the sunsets and the dawn, the architecture and the color of the place, small talks with the café waiter. Store memories, not pictures.

10. Try not to stay alone at nights especially at narrow streets. Blend in the crowd, groups, not to stand out for your lost look releasing surprise and suspense. Don’t promote the strangers to suspect you because of your strange behavior.

When you end your solo travel, you will be another person- someone who already knows what he or she wants from life. And by applying these tips you will have had a safer trip. So, go get your chance.

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