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Our Favorite Things to Do in Dubai South

6 ways to enrich your Dubai South’s experience as recommended by our local team.

our favorite things to do in dubai south 1

A panoramic view of Dubai South (photo credits: Affiniax Partners)

As we welcome the EXPO season, we have also seen a rapid increase in many residential and commercial districts in the region. Dubai South has become a popular choice for residing in innovative interiors with a slightly modern twist. Apart from the obviously convenient proximity to the spectacular EXPO 2020 site, this neighborhood has grown to be a one-stop source for all things entertainment.

On this occasion, we at Deluxe Holiday Homes, strive to provide our residents at our exclusive properties in the Dubai South Community with the best possible experience.

Brunch in Style

nook dubai, located in the dubai south

Nook Dubai, located in Dubai South (photo credits: zomato)

Whether you’re an early bird or sleep in quite often, there is enough for everyone at Nook Dubai located in the midst of Dubai South. With Breakfast and lunch offers, be energized and ready for your day ahead. The restaurant features exquisite cuisines of various international dishes that are sure to leave you pining for more.

A cultural dip in the Pavilions

expo 2020

EXPO 2020 at a glance (photocredits: archdaily)

As of this year, EXPO 2020 has opened its doors to its spectacular take on diversity by introducing a country-specific pavilion featuring an authentic, rich, yet entertaining time for all. The ‘EXPO 2020’ features nearly 200 pavilions out of which, 191 are said to represent the participating countries. With tremendous opportunities in-store and an equally inclusive crowd, this is definitely a place to be this year.

Motion Gate, Legoland, and More

roller coaster shot at dubai parks and resorts

Dubai Parks and Resorts as captured by virginholidays

The residential community of Dubai South is excitingly just a 20-minute ride away from the city’s most adrenaline-packed center – Dubai Parks and Resorts. Aside from trendy rollercoasters, and interactive activities, the area is also home to 20 themed water rides, to help you escape the heat. That’s not all, tickets starting from AED 195 now give you access to all three theme parks: Motion Gate, Bollywood Parks, and Legoland.

Roadtrip! Featuring sunset at the Crescent Moon Lake

aerial shot of the hidden oasis named crescent moon lake

An aerial shot of the Crescent Moon Lake (photocredits: Emirates Woman)

A hidden oasis lies within 20 minutes away from the Dubai South Community, shaped in an eccentric form of a crescent moon. This new hideaway has quickly become the city’s favorite sunset spot. If you’re lucky you might even catch the rare species – Arabian Oryx within the vicinity of the lake. Alternatively, if you’re a camping lover, Lake Qudra – or ‘The Love Lake’, is just 2-5 minutes away. Spend a night in a cozy tent with your loved ones, and experience the city’s ultimate camping ritual by the cool waters.

Retail therapy at IBN Battuta Mall

a photo of ibn batuta mall

A shot of the largest-themed shopping mall in Dubai (photocredits: gettyimages)

If there are two words meant to be in a sentence, it’s shopping sprees and Dubai. Dive into the largest-themed shopping mall in Dubai, and discover a variety of fashion and luxury outlets. The mall is also a central spot for many F&B outlets to curb your hunger pangs. Located just 20 minutes away from Dubai South, making it an even more convenient outing.

Dinner at a desert getaway

our favorite things to do in dubai south 2

Desert-themed restaurant – Al Hadheerah (photocredits: Bab Al Shams Resorts & Spa)

Not far from your soulful community lies a top-rated desert-themed dinner spot – Al Hadheerah. The 4.5 rated restaurant, sits within the Bab Al Shams Desert Resort and Spa. For those who are in the mood for a little culture and fun, feast under the stars with middle-eastern savories.

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