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The Last Hurrah: What’s in Store for EXPO 2020 this March?

The Last Hurrah: What’s in Store for EXPO 2020 this March? 1

The Era of the World EXPO 2020, was an illuminating presence among Dubai’s touristic crowds and bustling communities. Nearby communities including the Dubai South Residence district have welcomed the visiting crowds to reside, while they explore the EXPO from close quarters. With the rise in short term rental homes available in nearby areas and the close proximity to Dubai World Central Airport; many were instantly drawn to it. The event which was designed to span over a period of 6 months produced a tremendous amount of virtual and physical traffic – attracting up to nearly 13.1 million visitors to the site, and 121 million virtual walkers. 31st March 2022 – officially announced to be the very last month of the exceptional gala, paints a bittersweet moment for the exhibition lovers around town. However, the EXPO Seasonal Passes are still available at a fairly reduced price to accommodate all tourists and residents. Visitors are also now eligible for a free upgrade to the EXPO 2020 seasonal pass.

The World-renowned event chose to celebrate engines of growth while bringing together today’s cultures and values on a modern-day platform. This was no doubt a goal achieved across 190+ country pavilions. Each country fixated on their unique presence while putting forward a beam of insights on its traditions and foresight for the future.

Before you can grab a map and wander about aimlessly, our experts have collated the perfect itinerary for the EXPO’s last few days here.

The EXPO 2020 Water Feature Everyone’s Talking About

Expo 2020 Water Feature

Expo 2020 Water Feature as captured by Amd Middle East

One of the most widely-appreciated installations in EXPO is this water feature. Millions of social media users and visitors from EXPO’s large pool of audiences were unsurprisingly impressed by this installation. Located in the Al Wasl Plaza, the Porous Wave features a dedicated soundtrack along with visual lighting features. Moreover, in some cases, the installation is designed to “spit fire” or at least illusions of it along with vibrations that make you feel like you’re right on the ocean.

Unbelievable flavours and Sumptuous Dishes

Eat At Expo 2020

Eat at EXPO 2020 (Visit Dubai)

The ‘Eat at EXPO’ is not only a selection of over 192 different country pavilions but also different cuisines, courses of meals and cultures. The venue features unique street food, cafés and an ambience to unwind from the bustle of the exhibit.

Head up in the clouds from the ‘Garden In The Sky

Close to the Water Feature, Garden in The Sky offers members unique views of the EXPO 2020 from up above the clouds. The venue can accommodate up to 48 persons per trip, with a charge of AED 30 per trip. Although the trip lasts for only a block of 5 minutes, it provides tremendous 360 views of the entire arena with a rotating feature from 55m above ground. A definite must-visit spot at the EXPO.

Celebrate International Woman’s Day at Women’s Pavilion

The month of march as internationally celebrated denotes the respect and recognition of women around the world – cherishing their success, hardships and struggles along the way to equality. The EXPO 2020’s very own Woman’s Pavilion created in partnership with Cartier is an inspiring tribute to the notable woman in the country – and how far they’ve come.

Al Wasl Plaza

The destination’s central stage and performance avenue is home to receiving many high-profile performers, comedians and live bands. The venue’s recent performer Coldplay doubled the site’s footfall rounding its total number of visitors to over 13 million people.

Moreover, the dome-shaped arena is also the connector to all the three EXPO domains (Opportunity, Sustainability and Mobility) acting as both, the meeting and the entertainment point for the crowd.

The Best EXPO country pavilions worth visiting:

The Last Hurrah: What’s in Store for EXPO 2020 this March? 2

Japan Pavillion at EXPO 2020 (eturbonews)

Navigating through an overwhelming list of country pavilions with an even larger area to cover by foot can feel impossible. But if you’re looking for a few recommendations that have stood out to a majority of the sites’ visitors, below are a great place to start.

Japan Pavilion

The serene tribute to the North Asian culture remains has won the hearts of many.  The infrastructure deeply resonates with Japan’s forward-thinking and modern foundation. Visitors will be stunned by standout lighting experiences, scenic layouts, and a dedicated Sushi and Ramen parlour.

Emirates Pavilion 

Upon bookings, visitors will be able to experience one of the most fulfilling stops at the exhibition site. The Emirates Pavilion dedicates itself to representing the future of commercial aviation. Situated in the Opportunity district, the pavilion features its very Emirates Official Store. What’s more, visitors will now also be able to design their very own aircraft! Click here: To Book EXPO 2020 Tickets and make your reservations to visit the Emirates Pavilion.

Switzerland Pavilion

Dedicated to showcasing the country’s many scenic aspects and lush landscapes, the Switzerland infrastructure is inspired by Bedouin Tents, Crystal Caves and special effects to replicate the country’s one-of-a-kind nature. Diving into past and present opportunities – this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to truly visualize the country’s massive potential.

Jamaican Pavilion

Last but not the least, the Jamaican Pavilion has been named ‘the cool kid on the block’. With rhythmic beats, special throwbacks to Bob Marley and iconic reggae patrons – this is the perfect place to relax and take in the country’s laid-back style. Designed with street art, graffiti and rustic crate patterns – this is one you will not want to miss.

Although the above are truly sensational picks, the EXPO 2020 is a vast arena for countless truly amazing pavilions that can only be admired when experienced. (Click here: For more on, things to do in EXPO 2020).To truly enjoy this season, book your fully furnished holiday homes close to the EXPO site and make the most of it.

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