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Productive Purpose: How Deluxe Holiday Homes achieves Employee Productivity.

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As part of every growing organisation, there’s a thin line between being productive and overworking. We interviewed powerful members of our team on how they achieve a work-life balance and here’s what they had to say. Incorporating an inspiring corporate culture is what helps us create beautiful experiences.

As a leading vacation rental and property management company in Dubai, We at Deluxe Holiday Homes, encourage employee productivity by creating a medium for growth. Be it through holding meaningful conversations with the team or employee recognition efforts. This week we spoke to three key women in the company on how they stay a part of a supportive work culture while maintaining their fast-paced lifestyle.

What are some hobbies that help you stay recharged throughout the week?

Lovelie R. Gallo, Project Manager 

Workout, Yoga, early swimming then sauna after if there is enough time

Anna Aghuzumtsyan, Head of Onboarding  and In-house Interior Designer 

Working out and practising mindfulness.

Faith Sulib, Human Resources Manager 

After a busy day at work, I always make sure that at the end of the day, I have “me time” for myself.

I do read books and watch Netflix with a lot of snacks ????, that way it converts my attention and setting into a relaxed mode.

Name a routine or ritual that you turn to every time you get overwhelmed with work. Why is this important?


I love running to keep my energy levels up throughout the day. Quality time is also an essential way to switch off from work mode. I love dedicating time to bond with my family and children – I guess they are what keep me motivated and prevent me from getting overwhelmed with work.


Switching off from all work-related tasks and spending some QUALITY time with the loved ones. It is essential to take a step back and re-energize from time to time.


Nothing really specific, but what I have learned from my boss is that it’s not bad to take a break for a breath of fresh air sometimes. Whenever I am so loaded, I try to atleast step out in the office for a while and have myself recharged – somewhere in a quiet place.

What does work-life balance mean to you? How would you rate yourself on a scale of 1-10.


Organising things is the key and planning ahead of the day, being able to communicate effectively with colleagues and my family and friends, quality time with kids and husband. Stay connected with God through prayers every meal and during bedtime prayer.
I would rate myself 8, there’s always room for improvement.


It is crucial for every working person to maintain the right balance between work and their personal life. Even though it might get quite overwhelming in the modern society where we all seem to be overly busy, keeping that balance in the correct proportion will guarantee that a person is content and successful in both of these aspects of life.

As for me, I would rate myself as a solid 7.


I must say I am a bit of a workaholic. Even if I am on holiday, I tend to have my work mode ON. But I do make sure that my personal life is not left out, I try to give ample time to myself and my loved ones be it going out on trips together or just a simple video call to catch up.

I would rate myself a 6. I am still working on it and trying my best to have a decent work-life balance, but I know I’ll get there.

What do you like most about working with Deluxe Holiday Homes?


The people. I treat everyone here as my family 🙂


Deluxe Holiday Homes is the place where everyone counts and everyone matters. I feel like the team has a great sense of belonging and I am happy to see many friendships evolving between the employees. It is always a pleasure working in such a friendly and motivating environment as we have at DHH.


It’s people and the culture. I must say that we have great people sharing different but strong cultures. We always work as one, as a family.

Productive sessions such as this are what help us stay at one with our vision. Our team’s speciality will forever remain, basking on everyone’s individual talent and qualities that make them valuable to the organization. Structuring a work-life structure that works for each employee can be key in the long run to progressively hold a winning streak and commit to professional goals.

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