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How To Make Your Vacation Rental Standout in A Saturated Market

how to make your vacation rental standout in a saturated market 1

The vacation rental industry has grown significantly in recent years, and as a result, it has become a highly competitive market. However, the post-covid world has seen an upward trend and a market that has helped shape the tourism industry in 2023. With the growth of alternative accommodations, the need for unique and immersive travel experiences is a rising trend, among many travellers. As of 2023, many homeowners have tapped into this growth, by seeking well-versed property management services and maximizing their revenue streams.

If you’re a landlord, looking to get the best out of your vacation rental in a saturated market, here are a few expert-outlined pointers worth keeping in mind.

High-quality photography

Invest in professional photography to showcase your vacation rental. One of the first things that a renter or an avid traveller sees you for, is the photos you present.  Making sure your collection has high-quality images can directly impact the quality of their stays. For starters, every photographer should aim to provide at least 3 to 5 photos per area, while ensuring they remain bright, clear and natural.

Unique selling points

Identify what sets your vacation rental apart from others and highlight these unique selling points in your listing. This could be anything from a stunning view to a convenient location. While you do need to ensure that every aspect of a short-term stay is catered to, with the highest of standards in mind, there’s always one feature that sets a home apart from the rest. Find your unique selling point, and capitalize on it.

Accurate and detailed description

Provide an accurate and detailed description of your property, including all the amenities, services, and nearby attractions. One of the biggest perks of booking your stay with Deluxe Holiday Homes is the clear and concise descriptions of what a guest can expect during their stay. Having an in-depth guide, or pointers that disclose additional fees, the number of bathrooms, en-suite bedrooms and building facilities will make sure that each user is now making an informed transaction, leaving little to no room for miscommunications in the future.

Responsive and friendly customer service

Respond promptly to inquiries and provide friendly and helpful customer service. This can help to build trust and encourage repeat bookings. Having someone always available to reach out and solve any issues for your guest will come in handy tenfold, not only to resolve inconveniences but also to build a reputation for high-quality service. Our in-house customer service offers 24/7 round-the-clock services to guests across our wide-knit portfolio of furnished apartments and villa rentals in Dubai; resolving everything in the nick of time.

Invest in technology

Utilize the latest technology to make the booking process as smooth and efficient as possible. This could include online booking systems, mobile apps, and virtual tours. Reachability and ease of access are among the top few reasons, why a consumer would convert and invest in a short-term stay at your property. Our extensive marketing effort now covers all necessary aspects of listing your property, including providing an easy-to-use online booking platform, high-quality images and virtual tours of apartments and villas.

Cleanliness and maintenance

Ensure that your vacation rental is well-maintained, clean, and comfortable for guests. Regular cleaning and maintenance will help to keep your property in top condition and maintain a high level of guest satisfaction. Moreover, offering in-house housekeeping services is a great way to maximize revenue, while providing guests with extra support during their stays. Deluxe Holiday Homes’ in-house cleaning team now provides with a well-trained housekeeping staff followed by regular property inspections to ensure the standard of care.

Personal touch

Consider adding personal touches to your vacation rental, such as welcome baskets, personalized recommendations, and local guidebooks. As a homeowner, adding your own personal touch is an incredible way to enhance brand recall and cultivate a long-term relationship with your customers. This will not only ensure they keep coming back but while helping your brand represent an experience that is more relatable to guests.

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