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Deluxe Holiday Homes - Vacation Rentals, Furnished & Serviced Apartments & Villas for Short Term Daily and Monthly Let in Dubai
Holiday Apartment in Downtown Dubai

The Art of Creating A Standout Holiday Experience

Make your holiday home stand out this summer and keep your calendar full, with a few added essentials and these useful tips.

holiday apartment in downtown dubai

Fully furnished holiday apartment in Downtown Dubai With Burj Khalifa View.

Dubai’s Holiday Home market initially kickstarted in the year 2019, inviting homeowners across booming cities such as Paris, Sydney, London and Dubai to rent their homes out to the world’s growing holidaymakers.

“Dubai’s Holiday Home Market currently features over 10,766 active listings marking the highest proportion on a global scale”

As the density of tourist traffic and holidaymakers in Dubai, gradually hit its peak, property owners across the city strived to make their homes stand out. However, considering that Dubai currently holds the leading position for possessing the highest proportion of holiday rentals; the need to do better doesn’t get any smaller. Key areas of the city such as JBR, Palm Jumeirah and Downtown Dubai have especially been on everyone’s radar for their impeccable views.

As a result, homeowners may face heavy competition in making their holiday homes stand out. Once you figure out the right way to market your property though, you will not only keep the bookings coming but also be able to achieve a full calendar.

Thanks to our in-house property management team – landlords no longer have to worry about the know-hows. As a leading vacation rental and property management company in Dubai, we strive to provide the highest standards in the market.

Our well-versed teams take care of everything starting from maintenance to professional interior designing to truly paint the picture of a perfect holiday.

Read on, to see a few essential tips laid out by our experts to really make your vacation rental stand out in the market.

Know your Market

The first rule to marketing just about anything; is to know your target audience. As a holiday rental, it really pays off to design your space in a way that is welcoming to your most frequent visitors.

Although a clean and well-coordinated space is always the way to go, to make it stand out you may need to go the extra mile – and find out what the current market has been buzzing about.

A simple rule of thumb to identify your target audience is through size and location. Just as a studio apartment in Financial Centre is more likely to attract business travellers or younger occupants – a 5 bedroom villa in Palm Jumeirah with a backyard and a private pool, is more likely to be a suitable option for families with children or larger groups of friends.

Finding your niche and then focusing on that will help you go a long way in catering to the needs of your ideal customer.

Add A Personal Touch

Often the hospitality industry is all about building a relationship with the consumer and adding a personal touch to it. Guests are more likely to remember those who remember them. In simple words, adding personal touches to short-term holiday homes, such as a welcome hamper, engaging customer service, and increased customer touchpoints can make you significantly stand out in the market.

With several years on the market, we recognize this and ensure our guest relations and customer experience team are always here to make sure all your needs are met.

Highlight your winning features

Whether it’s a private pool, a luxury villa with beach access, or an exceptional view of the Burj Khalifa – use it. Target the features of your home in your marketing efforts by taking professional photos, virtual property tours or social media campaigns to give it maximum exposure.

Our in-house marketing efforts – cover all three aspects, ensuring landlords can give their homes maximum exposure.

Seasonal Offers and Discounted Rates

In the hospitality and service sector, a returning customer or long-stay member is always appreciated with specialized services and discounted rates. As a way of showing appreciation, we at Deluxe Holiday Homes, have partnered with a handful of retail and service entities in Dubai, to improve our guest experiences. (Contact our holiday home reservations team for more info). In addition to this, our team is also pleased to provide seasonal offers, giveaways and more.

For fully furnished holiday homes in Dubai, property management services and bookings and more, contact our reservations team for more.

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