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Honeymoon in Dubai – Your Romantic Gateway

The inception of your new life together with your significant other should turn into a lifelong memory. You need a surrounding, which will support your romantic getaway with limitless opportunities. Tenderness, love and bright experiences- this is what you have deep inside when making your plans on “the sweetest moon” of yours in Dubai.

Best or worst hotels? It is not our bottom line. Let us merely help you get a thorough idea about destinations that will make up the very first circles in the chain of your love. First, enjoy your rest after the fly or the drive, and when you feel very together, step out to discover the city of the newest and the oldest.

honeymoon in dubai

What to see?

To start with, see what it is like to be at the highest point in Dubai. Get to the top and start “watching”

What might be a real gift to your own eyes, is The Miracle Garden. The embodiment of tenderness you’re looking for lies right here. Millions of flowers adorn your way during the whole pastime. Head to the “Wall to Paradise” –the longest flower wall on Earth. Long for butterflies? The themed Butterfly Garden features vibrant parks, a relevant museum and 9 brightly colored domes always admired by the visitors. people on the observation decks of the Burj Khalifa. The 124th and 148th floors are top destinations in the Middle East. Observing the map of the city from above, make plans where to go next.

After being seduced by the delicate scenes in the garden, continue your way to see more.

Where to go?

This is an irrelevant question when in Dubai. Let’s make a deal- to contrast the ancient and the brand new. Let’s first witness the age-old historical souks, then feel the breath of the new in the malls.

The Spice and Gold Souks used to be the most renowned trade spots in the recent past. The appetizing pyramids of spices will take you to the tale of the Arab culture. Take the ones, most alluring to your palate and make an exotic dish for your spouse. There are more fetching surprises for him/her if you take a couple of steps forward and find yourself drifting into the Gold Souk. There couldn’t be a better way to guess the locals’ centuries-old love to the gold. Walk around and pick up a symbol of the local culture with you back home.

Now head to the malls to get the touch of the recent decades in Dubai. The Dubai Mall, The Mall of Emirates, The Ibn Battuta Mall, the Dubai Marina Mall are among the trade centers which also host entertainment and recreational huge opportunities.

What to experience?

Everything! Starting with Sports, ending by Arts. Dubai is the Art hub of the Middle East. You will get a shipshape primer to the history and evolution of the city nowhere else, but in The Dubai Museum. You will have a memorable adventure nowhere else but in the heart of the desert- while in a safari. And if you are a golf-devotee, there are favorable conditions throughout Dubai for you to have a nice match. Additionally, skiing both on the sand dunes and the Ice Rink (a number of Dubai malls possess them) may catch your attention.

After a day of adventures, you need to have a calm dinner – just two of you. Put it mildly, the chain of eateries in Dubai is wide. So, a nice meal spiced with nice talks would be a great summary of your day.

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