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Mouloud Day 2021

Here’s what you need to know about U.A.E’s upcoming public holiday

An overview of Mouloud day, cultural traditions, and more.

mouloud day 2021

Commemoration of Mouloud Day at local mosques

The birthday of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) is celebrated on the 12th day of Rabi Al Awwal. In Arabic, the holiday is referred to as ‘Mawlid Al Nabawi‘, which falls on October 21, Thursday. As a holy day for Muslims across the world – this is a holiday across public and private sectors across many parts of the world including the United Arab Emirates.

What do people do?

Although cultures from across the world vary in their ways of celebration, the roots of this auspicious day are tied to the introductory days of the religion. This day is seen as a chance to showcase and delve into their faith and devotion for Prophet Muhammad.

Unlike most Islamic holidays, Mouloud for the majority – is ‘observed’ rather than celebrated. Although the exact birth date of Prophet Muhammad is unclear, it is believed that Muhammad was born in the year 570, as per Gregorian Calendar however, depending on which part of the world Muslims are based this date may vary according to the Islamic Calendar.

A long-lasting tradition

Although cultural variations have led to many different traditions. The significance of this day remains the same: spending more time in tradition. While some countries, choose to celebrate this day with grand carnivals, expensive banquets and street parades, there’s a good half that follows the tradition of spending this day in solitude, while showcasing their devotion by performing a fast, alms-giving, and reading the Quran.

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