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Best Local Eateries in Dubai

The restaurant industry in Dubai has been boosting for the last decades. One can find both renown and new eateries throughout the city. Most world-class restaurants already have and continue founding their branches in the fastest growing city ever. Here you will find some of the top eateries in Dubai.

First, let’s start with the restaurants.

local eateries dubai


If seafood is what you are here for, then you should try PIERCHIC. The restaurant boasts the limitless blue of the Arabian Gulf being located just in front. The best of the Gulf seafood together with the European relevant cuisine make the spot even more inviting. Pierchic was recognized as the Time Out Dubai’s Best Seafood Restaurant in 2010 for the second time. This is a place, where you will feel the Gulf inside of you.


If you are a great fan of the elegant minimalism, you will surely like Majlis Al Bahar. This is an auspicious place to make a romantic breaking point in your life. The sand, the table and you. No more decorations to make the restaurant oddly luxurious. Located on the private beach of the world-class Burj Al Arab hotel, Majis Al Bahar offers Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisines to its visitors.

AL HADHEERAH AL HADHEERAH is a little oasis where you are taken away by the pleasure of being isolated. 60 km away from the Dubai International Airport, the city noise and crowds are replaced by sands from all sides here. Having an enjoyable cuisine at your disposal, you are entertained by belly dancers, swordplay actors, henna artists, so that you will not get bored.


From the first moments inside, be alert- the huge statue of Buddha is watching you. This is why the bar is called so. Actually, Buddha Bar houses 3 options- a restaurant, a bar and an outdoor lounge. Wherever you decide to hang out, your mood is guaranteed: electric atmosphere, chill out music, the beauty of the Arabian Gulf. The restaurant stands for its Thai and Chinese cuisines, and, which is more appealing, sushi.

Now let’s discover cafes and fast food.


If one morning you decide that hotel breakfast is no longer worth eating, or that you don’t feel like cooking anything today, drive to the Klayya Bakery and Sweets. Here you will be offered a great range of breakfast options. Then, if you want, you can try the mouth-watering sweets with coffee (bold cardamom qawah), karak tea, or saffron-infused milk (sweet haleeb bil zafaran).


Want somewhere simpler to unveil the Arabian fast food industry? Head to Zaroob. This is where the live cooking stations will show the process of preparing your future meal- sharwamas, grills, flatbreads, etc. Translating the name of the eatery, we have “small alley”. And truly, the neon lights and the colorful interior fit the name.

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