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10 Useful Tips for Safe Travel

“Now is not good”, – think most of us and cook up desired scenes and scenarios. Most probably, we shall swap our hopes for nothing but an actual trip which seems to be the only platform for the realization of our secret hopes. But how not to make one’s trip another stressful period of life? How to make it safe and secure? Hereby, we shall advise you some of the insights of travelling safely in the best way.

tips for safe travelling

  • Avoid Having Much Cash

If you don’t want to look like a beggar, who has just lost everything, make a “money-keeping strategy”. Having all in cash will burden you with problems of tempting and provoking thieves. To be on the safe side, have some coins and banknotes in your purse. However, it is always preferable to have plastic cards. Still, cards come up with their own traps.

  • Or Only One Plastic Card

Centering all you have on one account sounds fool. You lose that one, you lose everything. So, distribute the whole amount into diverse plastic cards. So that losing one will not mean you will get penniless.

  • Find a Trustful Travel Agency

When at home, the only thing that may mediate between you and the trip is the agency. Be maximally alert about your travel agency, since what you plan for the getaway now, you will experience on your own later. So, keep in touch with them, take all the possible contact data and clarify all the “what ifs” prior to stepping out.

  • Have Travel Insurance

When talking about this point, there is another word in mind- health. Yes, this is usually about any kind of injury or mishap overseas. So as not to call home or ask for somebody’s help, show them your insurance docs and they will ask your condescension.

  • Be Aware of Your Stuff

Alertness throughout the journey is always welcome. It is a must to be attentive to your bag, coat, glasses, most importantly purse, when being about to leave a place. We find it hard to remember some things at times, especially trifles. Just keep in mind that there is always something around you have to take with you before going. This could be a good way to train the memory. (P.S. based on my own experience).

  • A Rucksack? No wallet in it.

Don’t keep your wallet in your rucksack unless you have a third eye on your back․ For a street robber, opening or unzipping your backpack without letting you know is as easy as pie. So, also have a smaller messenger bag or a simple handy belt bag to be visible when needed.

  • Have Your Documents Online or Make Copies

Those belts could be useful for important documents, as well, if you settle on photocopying them. So, leave one at home and take the rest with you. But if you are a tech-friendly person, scan and send all of them to you/ somebody else, or use Dropbox for a prompt help.

  1. Your ID,
  2. Foreign Visa,
  3. Plane/ train ticket,
  4. Hotel conformation,
  5. Travel Service Agreement and
  6. Travel Insurance Policy documents are included.

Have Somebody to Back You from Home. Have a helping hand at home. Remember the copies for home? Well, what if something happens to you and you are the only one who knows the details of the tour? There should be a second back to always support when something’s wrong, e.g., with contacting the agent, or finding a phone number you deadly need.

  • Keep far from Strangers

Everybody can be a potential thief abroad. A stranger, offering to show the city just for a help, a policeman with fake docs, calling for your ID, a beggar, who stubbornly chases you. So, don’t give to them. All of the mentioned cases usually appear when hitchhiking, so, at least, have a companion while deciding to.

  • Don’t Show Off

Wearing expensive earrings, a necklace, a bag or a camera objectively quadruple the chances of being spotted from afar. By this, you become a potential target and put you in danger. You have come to see and try something new, not showing what “good” things you own. So, be sensible and leave them at home.

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