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Explore Area Guide of Dubai Marina

Complete area guide of Dubai Marina; explore why it's popular, learn more about places to visit, restaurants, cafes, attractions, shopping malls and more.

Dubai Marina

The Dubai Marina displays the beautiful waterfront of Dubai. It is a rather young, yet sophisticated community. What is more striking about the Dubai Marina, is that this development is the longest man-made marina in the world. The Dubai Marina went through 7 long years of construction to become the beautiful development it is today. Within a short period of time, the Dubai Marina broke the Marina Del Rey’s record in Los Angeles, California, and became the longest marina in the world. Stretching to about 3.5 km along the Arabian Gulf, the Dubai Marina has become a pinnacle landmark of this enchanting area. More than 120,000 residents consider the Dubai Marina their home. For Dubai Marina local residents as well as for the tourists residing in the holiday apartments there is no need to waste time on the roads picking up a few things from the store. There are all kinds of shops to accommodate all of their needs and wants.

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Dubai Marina Apartments

Are you planning on spending your holiday here? You can rent a short stay apartment at the Dubai Marina. You will enjoy your vacation so much, that you may want to stay here for good. If you’re thinking about settling down at the Dubai Marina, there is a wide range of housing options for you to choose from. Such as, The Dubai Marina 6 Towers. Here you have the option of renting a one to five-bedroom apartment. You also have the option to rent a three to four bedroom villa at the Dubai Marina. Beyond the towers, Al Sahab is another residential complex consisting of 2 towers, and Al Majara is made up of 5 towers. Park Island is a peninsula consisting of its own sub-areas and towers. The apartments here are great for people on a budget, no matter what size apartment you are looking for. The two towers at Park Island offer 1, 2, and 3 bedrooms apartments, but no penthouses.



Staying connected to one another is a number one priority to the residents of the Dubai Marina. The Dubai Marina is also a convenient place to live due to how close it is to other parts of the city. The Dubai Marina‘s location is close to the hub of New Dubai, making its location incredibly favorable. The Interchange 5 on Sheikh Zayed Road links to some of Dubai’s most famous places. Such as Internet City, Media City, Emirates Golf Club, and American University. All of this is just a stone throw away from the Dubai Marina.

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To those who enjoy shopping, visiting 130 stores under one roof sounds like a dream. There is about 390,000 sq. m. at your disposal. All of the best leading malls in Dubai are located right in the heart of the Marina. The Marina Mall is located right at the heart of the community. The Mall is not only a place to buy stuff from, but something more of a high end lifestyle for the residents, and visitors of the Dubai Marina community. The Mercedes-Benz showroom will make sports car fans feel right at home, and the CityStore is dedicated exclusively to Manchester City merchandise. The mall also allocates huge venues for the 5-star Dubai Marina hotel at Marina Plaza, which is the only commercial tower here. Pier 7 at the Dubai Marina is home to various types of cuisines from all around the world.

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Marina Walk

In cities like Dubai, it is sometimes impossible to just stroll around for a nice peaceful walk. The Marina Walk is a 7 km long area where it is impossible to see a car, or any other vehicle for that matter. Allowing you to peacefully stroll around for hours and hours. Since this is a pedestrianized walking area, there are miscellaneous amenities along the walk way. There are restaurants, yacht clubs, cafés, shops, and spa services, as well as other leisurely activities. The evening walks here are just as beautiful as the morning or afternoon walks. The skyscrapers, lights of the city, and serene sky in the background makes this walk truly incredible at night. The Marina Walk is also a venue for hosting different events at the Dubai Marina. Such as the annual Marina Market and both local and international artists’ performances.


The nightlife in the Dubai Marina is rather intense. On the ground level of the Grosvenor House, the Buddha Bar serves Asian and Japanese cuisines, as well as chill-out music and a fashion-forward interior. Wild windows looks down at the landmarks of Dubai, making this known as the center of the city. If you want to enjoy a night out on the beach, you can head for another famous venue called the Barasti Dubai Beach club. The clubs view consists of the beautiful Arabian Sea and beautiful skyscrapers. Having two floors, it combines the preferences of classical music, as well as more energetic dance music.

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The Address Hotel and Hotel Apartments

Whether you are looking to visit or live at the Dubai Marina, the Dubai Marina Hotel offers both residential and commercial services. If you prefer to live here, 442 residences, from penthouses to regular apartments, are here for you to choose from. Three to four room penthouses, one, two, or even three-room, elegantly furnished residences are waiting for you at quite affordable prices. Around 200 trendily serviced rooms and suits are located here, at the Address Dubai Marina Hotel. From miscellaneous cuisine to the serenity of the spa, this hotel will soon become a home to you.

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