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Top 5 Most Followed Travel Blogs

If you think it takes little time to browse the Internet and find intended information, you couldn’t be more wrong. The research shows that the time allocated to the searches exceeds the phase of your actual work. So, to help you take less efforts on the net surfing, which is in fact a mere technical problem, we offer the best five blogs to facilitate your job.

the most followed travel blogs

A Luxury Travel Blog

If you look for a blog which provides useful tips for travelling all over the globe, this is a good one. Scrolling down the homepage, you will find a diversity of topics and countries. The founder, Dr Paul Johnson, has been in the travelling industry for more than 25 years. This is one of the secrets why the articles are so reader-friendly and useful.

Lee Abbamonte’s Blog

The advisory articles in Lee Abbamonte’s blog cover miscellaneous destinations- from Rio de Janeiro to Dubai, Romania to Afghanistan. Lee is the youngest among American travelers, who have been to all the countries worldwide. This is the insight that all the tips are gained through his own experience. Lee’s blog has intrigued a number of leading Mass Media, including BBC, Travel Channel, CNN, etc. So, having his own skills as a first source of information, Abbamonte comes up with truly readworthy posts.

The Mother of All Trips

Dear mothers, or those, who intend to travel with kids, this experience-based blog is right for you. Travelling with her 2 sons, the blogger, Mara Gorman, discovers best places to go with a family. These include both recreational and art spots. Mara is a huge fan of adventures, so parks, menageries, hiking, museums and galleries are always in her top list.

The Johnny Jet Portal

If you are into the travel industry, this name is sure to ring a bell to you. Johnny Jett is a famous guy, well known for his reviews, comments, and also newsworthy posts in the blog. Beyond top countries or cities, there is a great number of articles on “must take” issues, so this portal will be a great favor to you when launching your getaway.

The Boarding Area

The best about Boarding Area is that it is a multi-blog system, comprising different bloggers who excel at their work. A number of pioneer sites agreed on uniting their skills to create a platform for information, advice and news under the same umbrella. Thus, looking for a wide floor to travelling topics? Just visit here.

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