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Tips for Surviving a Long-Haul Flight

Tips for Surviving a Long-Haul Flight

Modem planes are capable of traveling further than ever before without needing to stop to refuel. While this makes it easier to travel the world, it also means that passengers can be stuck inside a plane for as many as 20 hours, which is rarely a fun prospect.

Vacations to faraway places can be truly wonderful experiences. However, the long-haul flight to get to your destination tends to be a less pleasant time. After all, nobody wants to be confined to such a small space for hours at a time.

Luckily though, there are some things that you can do to get through your lengthy flight, such as:

Find the right seat

Most airlines will allow you to select where you want to sit at the time of booking or during the check-in process If you want your flight to be as comfortable as possible, you should choose your seat carefully. If you think you will need to run to the bathroom a lot, an aisle seat is a good option. If you plan on sleeping through the flight, a window seat is probably the way to go. If you are particularly tall, it may even be worth paying a little extra for some more leg room.

Dress comfortably

Choose your clothes and footwear well. Loose, comfortable clothing tends to work best. Usually, flights are quite cold, so you should also consider bringing some warm clothing in your carry-on bag. It will come in very handy if you start to feel a little chilly.

Prepare in advance

A couple of weeks before your flight, you should make a list of everything you need to bring aboard with you. This list will generally include items such as a blanket, a pillow, an eye-mask, and a pair of earplugs. Basically, you will want to bring things that will make you more comfortable on the plane. It is also a good idea to bring a basic hygiene kit with a toothbrush, toothpaste, and a washcloth.
Speak to your doctor
If you tend to get anxious during lengthy plane rides, your doctor may be able to assist. If they believe it is warranted, they can prescribe you drugs such as Ambien or Xanax to help you get through the flight.

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