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Dubai’s Best Beaches

When thinking of Dubai, the first combination that pops up in our mind is the Sun and the sand. This is what initially made Dubai a world-class touristic hub. So, it is fair to conclude that the real attractions linking millions of visitors to the city are the beaches- the symbol of Dubai. Sunny most of the year, the climate dictates everybody to run to the water. So, what are the top beaches in Dubai that one can discover?

best beaches in dubai


Always chock-full of people, JBR Beach appeals everyone with its clean amenities, including free shower, changing rooms and toilets. There is a special offshore water park for kids to be safe. The beach is very close to The Walk which allows the visitors enjoy the countless eating options nearby. The JBR is a favorable jaunt place for especially the Dubai residents.


This is where families can fully enjoy their rest. Jumeirah Beach Park is a vivid example of a favorable combination of a park and a beach. The round-the-clock maintenance keeps the dressing rooms, showers and toilets clean all the time. The lifeguards work until sunset to ensure your and your kids’ security. The palm trees convey the tropical feeling to the visitors reminding that this is a great place for both swimming and having a nice picnic, and why not, taking a little jaunt down to the park or along the coast. Ladies and kids may go to the beach-park on Saturdays if they want to be only among females.


This is a great place for hanging out with friends. You will often meet kite surfers here who hold various competitions. But what is more frequent, is the temporary residents of the beach. So, if you wish to spend a weekend on the beach, you just need a special permit by the municipality, and your active weekend is guaranteed.


Searching for somewhere fitting your sport ambitions? Well, take your steps to the Kite Beach. Best known for its kite surfing festivals, the beach is also a sandy platform for beach tennis and volleyball, as well as for soap football. So, make a bet with your friends on a match and start challenging them. But wait, if you still need some more team players, take into account, that the beach is crowded especially at the weekends. Kayaking enthusiasts may also feel at home at the Kite Beach, since the whole waterline has habitually welcomed them for years. As for the maintenance issues, bear in mind the clean amenities for each visitor- toilets, showers, changing rooms, etc.


This beach is otherwise known as Russian beach and is one of Dubai’s first public beaches. The Jumeirah Open Beach singles out for its spaciousness compared with other famous ones. Additionally, if you prefer to run per morning, you can head for here to run round the 1.8 km track. You may find public showers and toilets at the beach. Moreover, looking for a shop, you’ll have plenty of them at your discretion.

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