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how to deal with the end of vacation blues

How to Deal With The End of Vacation Blues

You’ve just returned from your relaxing dream vacation spent lying on pristine beaches, sleeping late, and sipping fruit smoothies. Now it’s back to the every day grind of six o’clock wake up calls and the demands of your not so stress free job. You may understandably experience a let down after enjoying a carefree week of sun and sand. What can you do to offset those end of vacation blues and make your transition back to your job less traumatic?
Stop the end of vacation blues:

1.Give yourself a day or two for recovery

When you return from vacation, give yourself an additional day or two off the work schedule so you’ll have a chance to recover and reorganize the items you took on vacation. If you return to work the next day, you’ll probably feel stressed and disorganized. A day spent house cleaning before returning to work can be relaxing and satisfying and it can make the first day back feel less foreboding.

2.Make a memory album

how to deal with the end of vacation blues

Be sure to bring along a camera and take lots of photos on your vacation. Have them developed before you leave and buy a special album to place them in. On your first day home, secure your photos in the album with funny captions. Include any moments you may have collected such as restaurant menu’s and tickets in your new album. Remind yourself that can relive the happy memories just by browsing through your memory album.

 3.Plan your next vacation

On your way back from your vacation, start planning your next vacation. This will give you something to look forward to and can make you feel less let down about your current vacation ending. Browse through travel magazines and travel books in search of your next destination. This can be quite therapeutic for post vacation blues.

 4.Eat out on your first day back to work

Make the transition back to the office easier by allowing yourself a small treat on the first day back. If you usually brown bag your lunch, have lunch with a co-worker at a local restaurant during your lunch hour. If you don’t have time for a full lunch, go to a local coffee bar for a quick treat. Tell your friend about your vacation as you sip your lattes.

5.Wear a new outfit back to work

Buy a flattering, new outfit on your trip and wear it on the first day back to work. 

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