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arts and crafts activities

Deluxe Holiday Homes Partners With Manzil Centre For Special Needs

 A Story About Change.

For many years, CSR initiatives around the world have been helping reshape and dissolve the bridge between corporate and non-profit organizations. Supporting local organizations and being socially involved is only the way to form a connection between the two parties. Volunteering and offering support along the way, all though it may not seem like much, has a major impact on small-scale organizations.  In return, this can also spread awareness among a large group of stakeholders.

As part of our efforts to create a lasting change in the community, we, at Deluxe Holiday Homes, partnered with a local non-profit group called Manzil – a center for children with special needs in Sharjah.

“The centre aims to nurtures the educational, social, and vocational skills of persons with disabilities, with the ultimate aim of integration into their rightful place in mainstream education and the workplace.” explains Ms. Nooriya Noushad, Project Manager of Manzil Centre for Children with Special Needs. Having overseen Manzils growth over the years, Ms. Noushad witnessed Manzil’s growth in more than just tangible ways.

“Our students & staff members had a wonderful time interacting with your team. The cards, cookies & jewellery that you made together with our students have given them loads of memories to treasure.”

“A disability is never a disadvantage, our special day at Manzil help us see just how unique these children are” added Ms. Faith Sulib, Human Resources Manager at Deluxe Holiday Homes Dubai.

Our aim remained to connect with the children of the Centre and building a bridge within the two parties. As part of the volunteer program, our employees participated in school-organized educational and recreational activities including:

Jewelry Making

creating jewelry with children

Each employee was paired with a student of the school to assist in Jewelry making while engaging with the children.

Fireless Cooking

fireless cooking activities

Fireless culinary activities included decorating cupcakes and cookies alongside students of the school.

Arts and Crafts

deluxe holiday homes partners with manzil centre for special needs 1

These activities are said to be proven methods of improving children’s attention while helping other members engage and effectively communicate with the children. Moreover, focusing on practical activities helps students operate more independently while encouraging them to be less reliant on others to function in society.

“You can see how smart and genuine they are, the love, the care that they give, even after just one meeting.”

The whole experience proved to be a fruitful session that encouraged everyone to be more open-minded as well as welcome members of society that are different from us.

“You can see how smart and genuine they are, the love, the care that they give, even just for one meeting.” Added Faith Sulib

In the long run, Corporate Social Responsibility in Dubai enables companies to leverage their resources to do good for the community while standing out within the market as a socially responsible entity – when done with consistency this has the power to be part of a movement and a joint mission to ignite real change in society.

Corporate culture has already been reported to take impressive stance including vacation rental and property management companies in Dubai such as ours, hoping to create a domino effect for other regional corporates to take on the same initiatives and participate in a movement that is larger than us.

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